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All You Need To Know About the Removal of Wisdom Teeth

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Unbearable pain in wisdom teeth is one of the most common reasons why people visit a dental expert. But with a little bit of knowledge and precaution, you can prevent the situation from getting worse. Let’s explore what the best Dentist Kew has in store about problems related to wisdom teeth.

Dental pain is one of the most striking and irritating pains one could have. But when your wisdom teeth are impacted and hurting like hell it could be even worse. It’s observed that these set of teeth create problems even if you maintain oral hygiene. So, is there no way to avoid such painful situations?

Well, yes, there are professionals such as Dentist Kew who has extensive experience and can tell you how to get an idea of the common issues wisdom teeth might have and when you could get them removed. But before getting familiar with advanced details, let’s begin with an understanding of the basics.

What Do You Mean By A Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom teeth are the third and last molars which are there on either side of your jaws. Generally, people develop these teeth between the ages of 18 to 25 years. Also, the number of total wisdom teeth is four but many people develop only two, one, or three.

Why Wisdom Teeth Gets Impacted So Soon?

Due to the changes in eating habits of human nowadays we consume tender and less harsh food items which in turn has made the teeth larger and reduced the amount of space in our jaw. Less space impacts the wisdom teeth during the eruption which causes different problems. Two of the most common problems related to the eruption of these teeth are:

1. Severe pain because the wisdom tooth which is emerging is pressing the second molar hard.
2. Due to the partial eruption of the wisdom tooth causes a pocket in your gums where food particles can get accumulated and form an infection which can convert into a cavity.

Both these issues need immediate medical expertise where the dentist can prescribe the right medicines and methods to get rid of these problems.

Why Removal Of Wisdom Tooth Is Required?

Many of us might have experienced the eruption of wisdom tooth quite peacefully without any pain or trouble. But in some people, there might be some abnormalities or signs such as pain and infection get detected. These cases may require extraction of the wisdom tooth.

How To Know That It’s The Time to Get Wisdom Tooth Removed?

To avoid any unnecessary trouble, it’s better to get a routine x-ray when your wisdom tooth is getting emerged. This will help your dentist to get an idea of any irregularities which in turn will let them make a well-informed decision. Also, sometimes the angle in which your wisdom tooth is erupting could be wrong.

In conditions like this, the dentist can prescribe the removal of your wisdom tooth. It might sound a painful and horrifying procedure. But the Dentist can make this process quite easier for you by giving expert advice. Let’s look at some of the basic tips with which you can ease your anxiety and reduce fear.

I. Blast All Your Doubts In Front Of the Dentist

Make sure to ask a lot of questions from your dental expert. Also, tell each and everything about any health issues which you have. Moreover, explain your fears and don’t hide anything from the dentist.

In addition to your health-related details, ask different questions about the extraction process. For example, get an idea of the precautions which you have to take before the procedure.

Ask about the recovery and the specific things which you must follow post the process is done such as which food items to eat, beverages, etc. This information will help you in getting prepared for the process properly.

II. Getting Ready For The Day &the Dosage of Anesthesia

Extraction of your wisdom tooth requires you to undergo minor surgery and for this process its better if your prep-up well in advance. Make sure to bring a friend or relative with you on the day of the surgery. Also, follow each instruction given by your dentist such as fasting the night before the appointment.

Also, tell your dentist in advance about the medicines prescribed in case you have any. It’s needed because not all the drugs are compatible with anesthesia. Getting expert advice can help you in avoiding any trouble at the last minute.

III. Proper Aftercare Post the Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is Done

Remember, once the removal process is done it doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want. But now it’s time to be even more cautious. Make sure to have a word with the dentist and note down all the precautions you have to follow for oral care after the process is done.

Moreover, try to eat soft and tender food items such as yogurt, mashed potatoes, ice creams, pasta, etc. Also, liquids like light soups would be good for you. Take a lot of rest and avoid brushing your teeth for at least one day after the process is done. Also, take all the pain-relieving medicines prescribed by your dental expert which will help in reducing pain.

Bonus Tip

It’s good to follow all the above-mentioned tips and tricks to make the process of wisdom tooth extraction much easier. But what could be your biggest weapon to fight against the fear is to stay calm and completely relaxed.

Make sure to take good sleep in the night before the day of removal surgery. Rest can make your body feel at peace and in this way you can remain comfortable and at ease during the process.

What Can You Expect During The Removal Process?

All wisdom teeth removals aren’t the same and hence predicting what to expect could be a little tricky. Normally, the dentist will begin with making a slitting to expose your impacted wisdom tooth. After this, the expert will remove the bone to reach the root and finally extract the tooth completely.

Wisdom teeth removal is quite a tedious and frightening procedure but the finest Dentist could be your best companion to make this process easier and less scary. So, in case you are experiencing some problem with your wisdom tooth get in touch with a dental expert immediately.

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