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5 Best Reasons Why You Should Opt for Live Chat for your Business

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Can you think of alternative ways of talking to people on a daily basis? In current times, people are becoming more used to iMessage and WhatsApp for family convo or spend your entire day on slack chatting with teammates. Due to this, we are engaging with the people by different means of messaging using the variant mobile application every single day and so we can also implement that in businesses that way too.

Today, more and more organizations are adopting live chat software for their websites and web or mobile applications for providing wonderful customer support and increasing sales. It is studies that if you are not implementing live chat best practices from now than it might affect your business sales. In this article, we will look at some amazing reasons why you should start implementing live chat for generating more business.

What is a live chat and how does it support in growing your business?

Live chat is a messaging app which allows your existing and prospective customers to talk with your company in real time using your website in order to give them a personal selling experience.

With the help of live chat, you can help your customers to get an immediate response to their queries which generally takes more hours via Email and social media. Because of its warm and mindful state, live chats add a personalized touch by understanding the customer journey.

#1 No more Wastage of Time

A few years back, it was surveyed that people spend an average of 44 days on hold in their lifetime. This report can be taken as very poor as considering sales leads get decreased if they do not receive a response after the first five minutes. To avoid this, a small chat box appears in any corner of the web page which offers quick help by eliminating the efforts of searching the site for a phone number or email address to the visitors. Until and unless a live agent is available to take the request, the customers have an opportunity to multitask and maintain their productivity.

#2 Train your Team accordingly

The first step of change is to become aware of your own surroundings. Therefore before going to implement live chat on your website or mobile application, you must provide a complete training course for your customer engagement team which can bring out the best results. Make them understand your product or service with proper training so they can get a brief idea about your business. This can help them to answer any queries and help a confused customers make a purchase. Also, the live chat widget comes with multiple features and scalable functionalities to help you stay ahead of the game.

#3 Connect your live chat with CRM tools and Co-browse with your Customers

It can be a nightmare when you are asked about the same details again and again when someone visits your store. This can turn off the visitor; hence you are always required to use tools and integrate them with your live chat software to gather your customer’s personal information. This hustle can be reduced by building a strong customer profile which includes their name, email, social accounts and much more to ease out the support and increase lead generation.

Co-browsing is considered as one of the best live chat practices for the best customer service as sometimes the consumer might need some guide by highlighting variant web points for a particular page in your website. Try to co-browse your customers to sit back and relax while the customer support can guide through live chat. Co-browsing is considered as safe as live chat software which considers client privacy as a crucial part of their programming by reducing the average response time and allowing real-time troubleshooting for visitors.

#4 Try to provide Offline Customer Support

It seems you must be clear regarding your status when providing chat support. If you are online then show them you are online but when going offline take them to contact page or any other page elsewhere which can support them by other means and put a message showing operations which are not available right now or whatever you think is best. If you lack a 24/7 or 365 days support team then you can define your customers during your online and offline time where your customers can chat anytime they want. In such cases, you can answer their queries with a generic text and guide them to visit contact us page for other alternative solutions.

#5 Shoot correct texts at the correct time to begin conversations

Before trying your hands on live chat to offer superior customer support, you need to keep in mind about the visitor’s geographic location, website, current and referral pages, chat timings, visiting times and much more to guide your chat agents to begin the conversation with. Shooting accurate messages at the perfect time is necessary in order to offer assistance to visitors upon entering your website and going through a product page, checkout page, etc. Such timely responses will make your visitors feel homely and smoothen their shopping journey.

There arise certain situations like a hesitant customer, the return of the products, shoppers from variant locations, promotional message pop-ups, high bounce rate pages, FAQ pages require to trigger a message in order to begin the correct conversations. Avoid showing a flashy live chat invitation within the first couple of minutes to your visitor. Give them more time to explore around your website, get the good vibes of the website and then begin with a conversation with the right tone.

Wrapping up

We can conclude how people expect faster, efficient and ways to resolve their queries or asking questions. With the aid of live chat, you cannot only deliver personalized chats but also redefine customer service as a whole by creating a long-lasting and treatable relationship between the business and its customers. Keep Learning!

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