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Quiz Maker – The Best Tool for Elementary Teachers

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Elementary level teachers often find a lecture-based style of learning as not so effective and instead prefer hands-on activities to inspire kids for learning along with developing basic problem-solving skills. Classroom quizzes can be beneficial for teachers in a way that they can make classroom learning an engaging and exciting task, other than this there are more benefits of using online quiz maker tools for elementary teachers such as:-

Motivates Students

Quiz can be effectively used as a motivational tool by teachers to inspire students. When students realize that they will be tested in front of their peers for the knowledge that they have gained, they get motivated to pay attention during class and study more. Additional points such as rewards to best performers can be included in classroom quiz for making them more exciting for students. This way, teachers don’t need to take extra efforts for making students learn, they already have a creative option which just needs to be applied in the best possible manner.

Active participation

Classroom quiz inspires every student to participate. Teachers often face the trouble to encourage every child present in the classroom to pay attention to the lessons being taught. With the application of online examination platform in the education system to build online quizzes, this problem has greatly resolved for the teachers. Students who find classroom learning as a boring activity will enjoy this fast-paced type of learning and would also encourage other students instead of working independently.


Reviewing the topics that have been taught earlier is a really boring task for kids and it only increases the boredom level in the classroom in general. Students will enjoy reviewing the concepts again and again if they are done in the form of a quiz. Students will prefer going through the lessons learned recently so as to perform better in an activity that is fun. Online quiz maker helps teachers to reinforce material that needs to be covered before an upcoming test.

Create a sense of teamwork

When educators integrate quiz based learning and assessments in the classroom, they create a sense of teamwork amongst the students of the class. They encourage students to appreciate each other’s knowledge and remind them to show encouragement to each other as they all are working towards a common goal.

Online examination platforms are the one that helps teachers to create their own quiz or refer to someone else’s pre-made quiz. This platform comes with many integrated features and makes the quiz creating and administering task really easy for the teachers. By using online quiz maker one gets following benefits of the features:

1. The quizzes can have as many questions as you want, with a maximum of 4 answer choices for every question- such as MCQ. Quiz maker are versatile tools and give multiple options to design your quiz that fits perfectly for your students.

2. You can choose if you want to reward your students with points and bonus, also allow time for each question to make it more interesting to the students.

3. Add pictures and videos to introduce the concept of each question or you can also use them to create a question around it.

4. Instant results can be obtained by the teachers; as soon as the set timer stops you can see how many students selected which options the most, and how many are correct in total. Teachers can also download results and store it in the form of data for future reference. The data obtained will also point out the areas of strengths and weaknesses from which teachers can decide upon the rectifications to be made in classroom teaching and learning techniques.

5. Online quiz maker comes with an inbuilt cheat proof tool for teacher’s convenience to avoid cheating during the quiz. Randomization of questions and changing the sequence of questions as well as answers for every student makes cheating easily avoidable, eliminating the need of an invigilator during quiz based assessments.

6. Automatic grading and assigning marks to every attempted question is another feature that makes online quiz maker a useful tool for teachers.

Integrating the benefits of technology in the form of online examination platform in the classroom helps engage and motivate students and streamline the technique of data collection for effective use. Teachers cannot get their hands on a perfect tool at once as teachers have their own student specific needs, but they can keep exploring the various features of every quiz maker then decide upon the one that suits best.

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