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Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a QuickBooks Hosting Service Provider

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Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software comes with a wide array of products for windows. These products cater small to large businesses. The strong point of the software is the long list of features it provides along with a simple and user-friendly interface. Apart from the QuickBooks Online version, there are several hosting services too in which you can share your QuickBooks file on a server where others can access the data with your permission. It is also called hosted QuickBooks or QuickBooks cloud hosting.

Many users opt for QuickBooks Online because they need to give access to their software to multiple-users (can be clients or employees), but QuickBooks simply doesn’t have all the features which you would get in a QuickBooks Premier or QuickBooks enterprise. So if you have the need for a QuickBooks enterprise and also need the online facility, then hosting your QB enterprise would be the best solution.

Many of you would be thinking that why to go to a service provider when QuickBooks hosting can simply be done online? Well, that is an option too but for businesses that need the services more often should invest in a service provider, as they offer fast service with stability and maintenance. There are multiple cloud hosting service providers right now on the market, but before choosing any one of them, here are four things to keep in your mind.

How to know which QuickBooks hosting provider is the best?

Effective CostingQuickBooks hosting service providers usually have several clients, and it is their responsibility to provide a smooth workflow whenever you have hosted your files on the server. So, the service provider has their team for maintenance. In case you encounter any technical issue, they will assist you in solving it. If you do the hosting yourself, then you would have to pay an extra salary for the IT guy. Remember to ask about all the charges; sometimes there is the hidden cost which you only get to know about at the time of billing.

All around the world access– Hosting your QuickBooks is a handy feature, and you can share important files from the comfort of your home or anywhere you like. Many businesses have international clients or partners, so it is an essential feature for them, but make sure that to inquire about the server they provide, if they are SSD or not, as SSDs are simply much faster and capable. So, even your international clients also would never encounter any issue while loading the software.

Backups- Enquire about the backup system from your Hosting provider, as all the important data is stored on their servers. It is a good habit to take backup of all the important data. So, in case of a system failure in the future, the service provider would have all the data backed up.

Anti-malware and anti-virus security System– I am sure your company’s data would be utterly crucial to you. Data security is something which cannot be compromised. Make sure you’re your service provider, has all the advanced security options like end-to-end encryption, multi-level authentication, and a firewall to protect your files from hackers.

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