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Are you facing problems due to data corruption in Outlook PST files? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Data corruption is not at all uncommon among  Microsoft Outlook users and hindrance in work due to problems associated with PST file corruption and PST file recovery issue is dealt with on a daily basis. MS Outlook is one of the most widely used email client and stores all of its email, calendar, contacts and appointments data in a PST file. Errors arising due to PST file corruption are faced by MS Outlook user more often than you think. In the case of PST file corruption.

In this article we are going to discuss these PST errors, common reasons for their occurrences, ways of fixing these errors and answer the question: Which is the Best PST File Recovery Software?

What are PST errors?

PST errors are the most common type of errors that an MS Outlook users face on an average. These errors may cause your MS Outlook mail client to behave abnormally which might affect your work or productivity. These errors cause MS Outlook to hang or freeze, stop abruptly and start again and that might hinder your normal workflow or in worst cases, render your PST file unreadable and corrupt.

These errors may include:

  1. Cannot start MS Outlook.
  2. Microsoft Outlook (Not Responding).
  3. Microsoft Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. Error codes like 0x80040116, 0x80040119, 0x80040600, 0x80070570 and Cyclic Redundancy Check error.
  5. The file XYZ:\…\Outlook.pst is not a personal folders file.
  6. Synchronization errors, maximum file size limit error.
  7. The action could not be completed.
  8. Outlook is unable to read the item.

Why these PST file errors occur?

These PST file corruptions happen due to variety of reasons like improper system Shut down, corrupted MS Outlook files, virus in emails accessed by Outlook, virus in the system, hard disk crash or failure, etc. but the most common reason for MS Outlook PST file corruption is an Oversized PST file(2GB in ANSI format and 20-50 GB in Unicode format). Corruption of data happens when there are unintended changes in computer data whilst reading, writing, transmission or processing. Corruption due to an oversized PST file generally refers to the situation where the PST file has reached its maximum size limit and over-addition of data to the PST file causes corruption of that file.

What is the best method to fix PST file related errors?

PST file error is something that more than an average demographic of MS Outlook users face at least once. As discussed there are a variety of reasons related to PST file corruption. But first we need to understand that there are two corruption situations:

One, where the corrupted PST file can be repaired, and used.

And other, where the PST file corruption is beyond repair and only step that can be taken is to try to recover maximum possible date and create a new PST file for that data and then use it.

If the corrupted PST file is repairable because the corruption is minor (like header corruption issues), then any professional would advise you to use Microsoft’s proprietary Inbox Repair Tool, ‘scanpst’. scanpst is a PST file repair tool that Microsoft includes with MS Outlook system files, and is an easy to use tool that generally fixes all minor issue related to PST errors. To learn more on how to locate the tool and how to use the tool, follow the link on Topic: How to repair your Outlook personal folder file (.pst)

But in a case where corruption is severe, it fails to fix those errors and in some cases, the tools respond abnormally. In such cases, it is imperative to accept that the file is corrupted beyond repair and the only viable option would be to recover maximum possible data from the old PST file and create a new PST file with the recovered data. For such situations, third party PST File Recovery Software is the answer. Believe it or not but these PST file recovery software are designed for recovering most of the corrupted data, even in the cases of severe corruptions.

What is the best PST file recovery software?

So now that we have established the best possible way to deal with PST file corruption both in the case of repairable corruption scenario as well as data recovery scenario, the question that still remains unanswered is ‘What is the best PST file recovery software?’

Before answering this question, we must entertain the fact that there are many PST file recovery software available on the market and although each of these software aims to provide us with the best PST file recovery tool, they vary in various different terms.

I personally think that SysInfoTools PST File Repair tool is better as it meets every criterion on my checklist. To mention some, it is cheaper than most of the other PST file recovery software available, it support every version of MS Outlook released till date, it is user friendly, it has 3 recovery modes (Standard, Advance, and Deep), allows user to save the newly created PST file in variety of formats.

There is no such size limitation for a PST file, i.e. users can scan any size of PST file with ease. PST file of 80 GB has been successfully tested by this software. The tool is quite pocket-friendly and will cost you only $49, the most inexpensive tool in PST file recovery software range. Also, SysInfoTools PST File Repair software provides the new updates through notifications and messages. The company doesn’t cost you any charge for receiving updates of their software products.

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