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Home Course WordPress for Beginners: A Complete Ebook Guide

WordPress for Beginners: A Complete Ebook Guide


Learn WordPress for Beginners: How to Make A WordPress Website A complete step by step ebook guide with images!


Learn WordPress for Beginners: A complete step by step ebook guide!

In this ebook, you will be learning every basics and fundamental information about using WordPress, and it also includes step-by-step instructions for setting up your First WordPress website.

Table Of Contents

1.Introduction vs
Why choose WordPress?


Step by step installation
Web host with a pre-installed version of WordPress
Updating WordPress
More information

3.Getting to know the dashboard

Front end/back end
Log in (to get access to the back end)

4.Configuring WordPress (Settings)

General Settings
Writing Settings
Reading Settings
Discussion Settings
Media Settings

5.The Basics Of WordPress

The WYSIWYG editor

6.Handling media

Inserting an image
Editing an image
Deleting an image
Creating a gallery
Editing or deleting a gallery
Documents (pdf, doc)


How to add a new page
How to edit an existing page
How to delete a page


How to add a new post
How to edit an existing post
How to delete a post

9.Categories & Tags

Post categories
Post tags

10.Custom menus

How to create a custom menu
How to attach your custom menu to your theme
Add custom links, pages and categories to your menu
How to change the order of the menu items?
How to create a submenu?
How to remove a menu item?

11.User management

The 5 different roles in WordPress
How to add a new user
Tip: create at least 2 user accounts
How to extend the basic user management?

12.WordPress Themes
How WordPress themes work
There’s a lot of choices out there!
Installing a theme


What’s a widget?
How to activate a widget?


What’s a plugin?
Find a plugin
How to install a plugin?
How to configure a plugin
My favorite plugins.

Take action now and start your journey towards WordPress mastery today!