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Top 4 Tips for Choosing a Pet Sitter

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You need a pet sitter whenever you plan for a vacation and need to leave your pet at home. The households where there is nobody to take care of the pets while the family members are on work need a pet-sitter. It is a professional who takes care of your pet while you are away.

Hiring a pet-sitter is a great thought; however, you need to take special care while choosing a professional. Here are the top four tips that you need to consider which choosing a professional pet sitter to take care of your pets in your absence.

Plan in Advance

You should not choose a pet-sitter for your dog in a hurry or at the last moment when you are about to leave for a vacation. It is better to start planning and looking for a pet sitter for at least one month in advance. Ask your friends, colleagues, and browse through some local websites, which provide pet sitter services. Read the testimonials and Google reviews to have an idea about the quality of services they provide.

You should also consider your pet’s needs while choosing a pet-sitter. For example, if your dog is aggressive, you need to hire a pet-sitter experienced in taking care of such dogs. If your dog is under medication, you should look for who is experienced in medicating the dogs.

Meet the pet sitter

It is important to meet the pet sitting personally before finalizing him or her for taking care of your pet. You can ask him all the questions about the services they offer and the special services you want for your pet. You should not finalize him/her as a pet sitter as you are meeting them to decide whether he or she is the right person or not. It is good to take time for meeting one or two more pet sitters and inquire about their experience and services.

You should check the qualification, experience, and certifications of the pet sitters before finalizing him/ her for your pet. Some pet sitters are certified by an association or members of a pet sitters association. Try to choose a person certified by a professional pet sitter association.

Allow the pet sitter to spend time with your pet

If it’s possible, it is better to take your pet along when you go to meet the pet sitter. It is important to check how the person interacts with your pet. See whether your dog is comfortable with the pet sitter or not. The way he interacts and behaves with your pet will give you an idea of his/her experience and skills.

You can also call a pet sitter at your home as you need a person to take care of your dog at home. Also, notice how your dog reacts while the person interacts with him. This meeting will let you know how the pet sitter handles your pet and how comfortable your dog is with that person. If everything goes smooth and normal, you can finalize him/her to take care of your pet.

Fees and level of services

Pet sitting includes various levels of services. Some offer pet grooming services along with live-in care while some offer play time, exercise and training. Some pet sitters combine their services with the nutritional regimens and weight management. You need to inquire about the level of services that pet sitters in your area provide. Once you determine the set of services you need for your pet, it will be easy for you to choose the right pet sitter.

The pet sitters charge differently for various levels of services. Ask the pet sitters how much they will charge for the services you want. How many times will they visit your pet? Are they willing to provide some extra services? If you are delayed due to some reason, will the pet sitter take care of your pet until you come back? If you feel satisfied with the answers to all such questions, you can finalize the pet sitter.

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