One Stop Guide for Selling on Amazon: 10 Dos and Don’ts That You Need to Know

There are currently over 2 million active sellers on Amazon. Therefore, if you want to start an online business through the Amazon marketplace, or you have already started one but want to increase your sales, you have to know the secrets to be able to launch successful Amazon campaigns, boost search rankings, find the best Amazon SEO services, and get rave reviews.

Here are the ten things that you should do to become a successful Amazon seller:

1. Manage one legitimate Amazon account

Before selling items on Amazon, make sure that you have a legitimate account with a legally registered name and address. Also, read Amazon’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy carefully to ensure that your account doesn’t get suspended. 

It would also be best to register as a professional seller.

2. Create a brand

To be able to come across to shoppers as someone trustworthy, and also to ensure that they can remember you as a seller, it’s important that you become aware of the brand that you create.

Deciding on products that you want to sell also becomes crucial because part of your brand identity is creating a range of products to offer. When people get a grasp of who you are as a business, they then turn to you to buy the items that they need.

3. Stock up on supplies

Make sure that your inventory is always filled in order to have high processing and shipment rates. Shoppers hate it when they’re ready to spend money on a product, only to find out that no more stocks are available. What’s worse is when they have already paid, but delivery takes forever because the seller is waiting for the next stock shipment to arrive.

4. Have competitive and fair pricing

A lot of people turn to Amazon to get the best deals. As a seller, you must always check the prices of other online merchants, as well as the current prices in physical stores. Amazon may opt to show a list of all available buying options instead of giving your listing an “Add to cart” or “Buy now” button if your pricing is significantly higher than those of your competitors’.

5. Invest in great photos

The internet is a very visual medium, which means that having a great photo can make or break your chances of making a sale. Make sure that your photos are taken with a high-quality camera, have good lighting, and angles that show off the product in the best ways possible.

6. Try to get a “Buy” box

Instead of redirecting buyers to all available buying options, a “Buy” Box will allow shoppers to automatically add an item to their carts, which leads to better sales. Amazon does not give all sellers the opportunity to get an automatic “Buy now” or “Add to cart” button. They want to ensure that only quality items and reputable sellers in the marketplace are given this option. Buyers then are always redirected to the listings that will give them an optimal experience, which leads to greater reviews and fewer item returns.

The criteria to be considered for a “Buy” box are always changing, but they always include low prices, availability of stock, high ratings, good reviews, and availing of Fulfillment by Amazon.

7. Consider Amazon FBA

FBA, or Fulfillment by Amazon, is an option to utilize Amazon’s many warehouses and logistics centers. Amazon would then store all items in stock and take care of packaging, delivery, customer service, and even returns — if there are any. Sellers who choose to have products delivered through FBA have a higher chance of getting a “Buy” box, not to mention also getting to take advantage of Amazon’s resources.

It comes with a fee, but there are FBA services that you can utilize that will help you find the best FBA options for the lowest cost. Some would even let you use FBA even if you’re outside of the US.

8. Invest in SEO knowledge

Having knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) would be highly beneficial if you’re a seller on Amazon. The Amazon search algorithm is different from the algorithms of other search engines, which means that you need to arm yourself with the basics so that your product listings would rank higher in the list of items the search engine pulls up.

Though there are aspects that affect the rankings that aren’t directly in your control (like the number of sales, ratings, and reviews), the one thing that you have control over are keywords — research on what keywords to put in your titles, features, and descriptions.

9. Choose the right shipping company

For those who would rather ship items by themselves, or choose the Fulfillment by Merchant option, as opposed to Fulfillment by Amazon, it’s important to choose the right shipping partner. FBA may not appeal to everyone, especially if bulky or expensive products are being delivered. Therefore, consider the following when choosing a shipping company:

  • Cost for the product size and weight
  • Speed and tracking options
  • Range (how far they can ship)
  • Reputation
  • Insurance coverage

10. Consult the experts

It is always good to consider the services of Amazon consulting experts. Though it’s possible to sell on Amazon on your own, it can become difficult to be one top of all its aspects. An Amazon consulting expert can take care of everything from account management, to search engine optimization, to sponsored ads management, product launches, and even account reinstatement.

When you leave all the other stuff to the experts, you can instead focus on ways to grow your business.

If there are things to do in order to become the ultimate Amazon seller, there are also a few things to avoid.

Here are the 10 things that you shouldn’t do if you want to become successful in the Amazon marketplace:

1. Don’t go against Amazon’s terms of use

Always make sure to read and follow Amazon’s Program Policies, as going against them may lead to a suspended account. If your account does get suspended, however, you can seek help to get it reinstated.

2. Don’t neglect customers

Ensure that you always stay on top of all facets of customer service: from checking reviews to shipping items, all the way up to concerns and possible returns. Slow response may lead to lower ratings, and overall customer distrust may not just be directed towards you, but Amazon as a whole.

3. Don’t sell restricted items without permission

There are many products that you can’t sell in the Amazon marketplace. Some of these seem obvious, such as weapons, alcohol, and poisonous materials. The others, however, may not be known to many, such as certain sports collectibles, jewelry, and rare collectible coins. It is always a good idea to check Amazon’s gated categories so you’d have a better idea of what you can and cannot sell.

Depending on the product category, you may be able to obtain special permission to sell some restricted items. Many factors affect the rate of approval. There may be times that proof of authenticity needs to be shown. The seller also needs to have low cancellation rates and low late shipment rates. For a more comprehensive guide, you can check the Amazon Seller Central page.

4. Don’t lie to Amazon

Don’t fake your identity or provide fake documents. This will lead to an instant suspension of your account.

5. Don’t add links to websites

Amazon does not permit adding links to any company’s website. Check not only your account information but also your product listings, and take out anything that links back to other existing sites.

6. Don’t sell Amazon products outside of Amazon

Never sell items exclusive to Amazon outside of the platform. This is explicitly stated in Amazon’s policies, so make sure that you don’t resell, rebrand, or redistribute these products.

7. Don’t go for fake reviews

This is also another reason for getting a suspension, so make sure that you always obtain reviews organically.

8. Don’t get intimidated by other sellers

It may sometimes feel daunting to go against well-known brands or sellers who have been on the platform for a longer time. However, there’s no need to be intimidated. If you always do your research, you’re sure to be able to go against the big guys.

9. Don’t go in without a strategy

You should always have a strategy to stand out amongst the millions of active sellers in the Amazon marketplace. This includes both having adequate SEO knowledge to be able to use keywords strategically, as well as a pricing strategy to always remain competitive in the market.

10. Don’t do everything on your own

If everything seems like a lot to take in, no need to worry. There are many websites and companies to help you out. You just need to know the right one to turn to.

Now that you know the ten Dos and ten Don’ts to become the ultimate Amazon seller, you can now make your dreams come true. Expand your business, reach the farthest corners, and watch the orders roll in!

Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Sharma
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