On Page SEO Techniques To Rank First In Search Engine

October 8, 2016 by OurNetHelps

Before knowing the On Page SEO Techniques, we should know regarding Search Engine. If you don’t have a concept about Search Engine, it will more difficult to understand SEO for you.

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Search Engine: Search Engine is one type of web application software which brings information according to user’s requirement by searching.

If a user wants to get anything for his keywords, Search Engine shows thousands of result in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). It shows about 10 websites at first page, others get places at 2nd, 3rd… pages. Why some websites rank better than the others do? Where one is taking place at first and another is at last. The process is to get ranked in Search Engine or Google is called Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine or Google have some algorithm to crawl the websites or pages. The website or page which follows all the algorithm or rules and regulations of Google, Google will show that website at first position in SERPs. So that, Search Engine Optimization is one type of technique which help you to get higher rank in Google. Which is shortened to SEO.

Types of SEO: We can define the types of SEO in few ways. SEO can be done by two ways at first.

These are:

  • Organic SEO
  • Paid SEO

According to SEO technique, Organic SEO has two different types.

These are:

  • White hat SEO
  • Blackhat SEO

Either white hat or black hat SEO, each one has to be done in two different ways. One is on page SEO and another one is off page SEO.

Organic SEO: Usually, the result is shown by Google is known as an organic search result. But beside the organic result, Google shows some others result which is paid result. The owner of a website paid for that to Google.


The ad indicates a paid result. Without the Ad, all results are known as an Organic search result.

White hat SEO: Generally Google algorithm is the most running method of Search Engine or Google which is defined as Google Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. The art of SEO where apply all the Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird rules are known as White hat SEO.

Blackhat SEO: Basically when SEO will be done without maintaining the authenticate Search Engine rules and regulation, then it is called Blackhat SEO.

On Page SEO Techniques

Mainly On page is the starting of SEO. All types of optimization which are done on the web pages are known as on page SEO.

 At first, we should think about the content which is used in the web pages. Audio, video, text, images and so on are the content of a website. A web designer can design the website according to his requirement to bring the beauty of web pages. It is also a step of optimization but makes the content ready for crawling by Search Engine is a most important segment of on-page optimization. Such as using various tags, an art of text writing, make better linking etc.

To know the basic of HTML code is necessary for someone who wants to be professional on page optimizer. Because web design is made by HTML code and on a page, optimization is done within the same code.

The Basic step of on-page optimization. During On page optimization, you have to look some basic step.

These are given below:

  • Keyword Research Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Website Structure Optimization
  • W3C Validation
  • Metatarsi Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Site Map Creation
  • Robots.txt Creation
  • Google Tools Setup
  • Website Analysis

For getting a good result you must follow all the basic steps. It will be discussed elaborately one by one.

Keyword Research and Competition Analysis

What is a keyword? A keyword is the most vital part of SEO. When a user searches anything in search engine by writing something, he uses some words to find out his requirement. The word or a total number of words which used by himself is called keyword. Like- Car, Cars, Best car, Best cars.

If you search in Google with “Best car” it will show a thousand of web pages in SERPs those are having the keyword “Best car” but you have to be 1st position among the millions of website. So it is very clear that what is the significance of keyword to get higher rank in Google.

Use of keywords

Keywords may be used in a website in two ways. These are:

  • In Meta tags.
  • In website contents or articles.

During designing a website some Meta tags are used, among them <Meta name=“ keywords” content=“ some keyword, another keyword”/> above mention tag is known as Meta keyword tag. You should use this tag and put your selected keywords here. Have a look at the image below:


You have to visit your website HTML editor page and put your keyword in Meta keyword tag according to an image. This is the basic use of Meta keyword tag. We use some Meta tags on our website but we should follow some rules to get a good result. Such as:

  • Don’t use your basic keyword more than three times in Meta keyword tag.
  • Use Meta keyword tag only one time.
  • Don’t use one keyword again and again; write down it with changing some format. Like- Car, cars, best car, best cars, nice car and so on.
  • Avoid spelling mistake in a keyword.
  • Use comma sign after each keyword and give one space then write down another keyword.
  • Use your selected keyword to some other tags. Like
  • Description- Meta Tag
  • Meta Tag Title
  • ALT- Meta Tag

In website contents or articles: Obviously, Meta keyword tag is important for Search Engine Indexing but don’t think that your website will not be indexed by Search Engine without Meta keyword tag. But there is no doubt that it helps the Search Engine to crawl the website easily. Meta keyword tag acts as an index of a website.

Remember that, your website content or article is the keyword of your site. So during writing any content of your site, you must have to take care of your web keyword and write down the content with proper placement of your keyword.

Keyword Selection: Selection of keyword is the heart of a website to get more traffic. So if you are unable to select an appropriate keyword for your website. It must destroy your business, so it is clear enough for you about the significance of a keyword.

Everyone tries to work with high competition keyword to get the good result. If a web owner gets a place at first page with high competition keyword for his website, he will never think about traffic up to his death. But it is not easy for a newer web owner. So we should select a perfect keyword for us which will provide us traffic.

Keyword Relevance. Keyword relevance is the key to selecting a right keyword. So you obviously make importance on it. Suppose, your business is about –“ selling car parts”. Here, the volume of keyword “car” is high. Now, you have to research that, how many people search with the keyword “car” to buy car parts. In that case, only “car” is not the appropriate keyword for your business. You have to select a more specific keyword, like- “buy car parts, car parts, getting car parts and so on”. If your business is about-“ car windows” then you have to use a bit more specific Keyword. Such as – “buy car window, car window, cheap car window (for a cheap product) luxurious car window (for a luxurious product)”.

As a result, you will find your targeted customer, as well as your customer, will find you easily. Never think about the search volume of your relevant keyword that which is having less search volume. Though the search volume is less your traffic ratio will increase due to keyword relevance.

To get your product or service, which keyword is most relevant to your product or service is the keyword relevance.

Keyword Search Volume. The total number of people who search for a definite keyword for a definite period is called search volume. Suppose, 1000 people, search with “car” per day. The search volume of “car” is 1000. It may be for a single word or a group of a word. Search volume is measured by web analytics Tools. Such as Google Keyword tool, Word tracker etc.

A perfect keyword is the first solution to get more traffic and keyword having high search volume is the ladder for your website to bring traffic. So you should select a keyword which having more search volume.

Keyword Competition & Competitor Analysis. What is keyword competition? The obstruction to get rank for a keyword is called keyword competition. Keyword competition depends on the popularity of the said keyword. Internet marketing research that how time is required to get rank for a keyword. Marketer suggests that select less competitive keyword to get rank fast.

How do you understand which one is high and which one is low competition keyword? Have any tools to get these?

If you analyze your competitor website, you will get some idea about your keyword competition. There are some tips which make you understand about it.

Tips are given below:

  • Relevant Content: In which content having a keyword.
  • Optimized Title: Have a look at competitor website title. Your selecting keywords are there.
  • Targeted Content: Website is made by your keyword or only it is mentioned on pages.
  • Page Links: How many link competitor pages have?
  • Site Links: How many links on Root Domain?
  • Authority Links: Is it having. EDU, GOV, DMOZ, or Yahoo Directory link?
  • Google Page Rank: How is PR in Google? Site Age: Site age?
  • Link Index: Number of link index in Google?
  • Backlink: Number of backlinks and from where got it. You may use backlinkwatch.com to check these.
  • The keyword which you have selected, search with that in Google. Observe the first 10 websites.
  • If you get all the answer you must get the idea. Is the keyword low or high competition?

Keyword Research Tools. I have discussed keyword competition but keyword research tools will help you to get more perfect keyword easily and within very short time. There are some free and paid tools. I am discussing one by one.

Google Adwords Tools. This is the most reliable and popular tools among all free tools. This is the service of Google. It is very easier to find out relevant keyword for you from any location and any language. You can filter keyword at your own. If you have a look at it, tools will tell you how to use it. After creating an account when you will enter to this tool, you have to click on “tools” then “keyword planner”.

Google Trend Tools. This is also the service of Google and popular tools. It will show the result of a trend. Go to Google Trend Tools the and search for your keyword. It will tell you according to a city that, how many people search with the keyword “best car” even in the last month and from where?

There are so many paid and free tools for keyword research (search on Google for keyword research you can find lots of helpful tools).

Website Structure Optimization

What is Website Structure Optimization? The process of web structure by which user can go from one page to another page and come back again to home page easily is known as Website Structure Optimization. If a user gets obstruction to use website, if it is not easy to use for the user, it will harmful for a web page to get traffic. So structure optimization is very essential for a website.

Significant of Structure Optimization: Generally, every website having several pages and when a user visits a website, he wants to go each page and try to come back at home page. If he feels bad to come back at the main page, he will be uninterested on the pages. He will not visit the site again and he leaves the page quickly. As a result, page rank will not increase due to the bounce rate of a visitor. So you must take care of structure optimization.

W3C Validation

What is W3C Validation? W3C is a website or tool which is used for checking the validity of the HTML code of your web pages. It checks any missing tag, using any non-standard tag or any others missing. There are so many browsers in an internet world, if you use an invalid or non-standard tag, your website will be shown by a various browser in a different format which is completely unwanted for you. So you should check your HTML code for validation. If it is valid, all browser will show your website nicely and the same format which you have.

https://validator.w3.org/  will solve you all problem. It is a tool which indicates the error with giving the solution.


According to an image after clicking on check the result will come below, where you will see the error of the web page with a solution.

Meta tag Optimization

What is Meta tag optimization? To know Meta tag optimization, at first, you should know regarding the Meta tag. Meta tags act as a media which supply all types of information about the website to Search Engine. Which are most important for a website to do SEO. Meta tags help the Search Engine to index the site easily. There is no second way to get visitor more from Search Engine without Meta tags.

Among the Meta tags, description and keyword Meta tags are very essential HTML code for a website. Mainly Meta tags are used for Search Engine. During searching, Search Engine calls Meta tag at first. Your keyword is in the Meta tag. As a result, when a user searches with your keyword, Search Engine searches to Meta tag for your keyword and show your site in SERPs.

In Meta tags, there are four tags. These are:

  • Title.
  • Meta Keyword Tag.
  • Meta Description Tag.
  • Meta Robot Tag.

Title: If you want to define your site by only one word or by a short sentence, you must define it as your basic keyword. The main keyword of your website will be the title of your site. Suppose, your site is about Entertainment, what may be the Title? You have to select a word which will explain your whole site. Now, if you choose Entertainment as title, you may write all types of entertainment here.

Like- Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood etc. If you choose Bollywood World as title, you have to write only about Bollywood which make the value of your site a bit low. Title tag in HTML code will show like this image:


Basically it will be shown as below image:


Meta Keyword Tag: It has already been discussed regarding keyword and you have also got some idea about Meta keyword tag. However, I am sharing few more words about Meta keyword tag. Meta keyword tag will highlight your keyword to search engine that what and how many keywords you have. When search engine searches for a keyword, at that time it will read out your keywords at first.

Specially, Google does that. Don’t forget one thing about Meta keyword tag, use 4 to 10 keywords in Meta keyword tag. Don’t use more than 10 keywords. Earlier I have shown Meta keyword tag images.

Meta Description Tag: Meta description is very interesting and dangerous short article for your website. Why does it dangerous? Because an article about your website where you have to give total ideas of your site which must not be more than 200 words. This article must be unique. You have put your keywords in it. Which are a feature of Meta Description? It is also a very essential part of Search Engine.

Basically, it will be shown:


Meta Robot Tag: Meta Robot Tag is one type of engine of Search Engine. Search Engine searches anything with this Robot.

If you think that, I will give a page to Search Engine. A search engine will take it. On the other hand, if you are not agreeing to give a page to Search Engine. Search Engine will not be able to take it. This process is done by Meta Robot tag.

There are four types of Meta Robot Tag. These are:

Index-Follow: Index-Follow is the Robot of Search Engine which will start crawling from the 1st page of your website and then continue.

Index-No Follow: Index-No Follow is the tag which indicates that, don’t follow this link. It is one type of power link for web owner.

No Index-Follow: It is used to start crawling the pages from 2nd page of a website. As a result, Search Engine will skip the 1st page and start crawling from 2nd page.

No Index-No Follow: It is used for not indexing the website to Search Engine and Robot will not be able to crawl your web pages.

Content Optimization. What is content? Text, audio, video, images which are used in a website are known as content. When you put any content on your site, you should check the content that, it must be unique. Make good content which is most important for the user. You never use any content which is copied from other websites. If you do this Google will send your website to send a box for plagiarism and even Google may penalize your website. As a result, you will lose your page rank, though you recover the site from Google panda hit. It will be discussed on Off Page SEO.

Image Optimization. We use various types of images to our website. We see it as an image but Search Engine can’t recognize it as an image. So we should use image ALT tag during submitting the images which will help the Search Engine to recognize the image.

Sitemap Creation

What is Sitemap? A sitemap is an XML file which is having some information and all types of a link to a website. Search Engines index necessary pages and can crawl something from the website easily and effectively with the help of Sitemap.

To get a clear concept about your website Google advises you to submit XML file. It is very easy to make a Sitemap and Google will download your Sitemap within a very short time after submitting it.

Why do you use Sitemap? Don’t think that Sitemap will provide you thousands of visitors and your website will get rank. But what is the necessity of it? In fact, due to some reason, Search Engine can’t index all the pages of your site and it also can’t follow the pages which older pages are updated recently. But if you use the Sitemap, Search Engine will not leave a single page during searching. So, Sitemap helps the Search Engine for better indexing.

Some tools to make Sitemap: If your site is bigger, then it is too tough to make Sitemap by hand. You may use some tools. You just put your homepage URL and enter it. Tools will make your Sitemap very quickly.

Google/ Search Engine Indexing

After uploading to a server, you have to index your site to Google or others search engines. For Google indexing, go to google webmaster tools and add your site here and for others, search engine, go to free web submission And add your site to Search Engine according to your requirement.

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