Do No Follow Links Impact on Website Ranking

October 2, 2017 by OurNetHelps

This article is all about the No follow links and its impact. What do you think? I do remember when I was working with one of the digital marketing agency and I used to do link health check for some client. The strange thing was when I submitted the entire audit I got a strange answer from that agency that why I have marked some no-follow links in the Disavow section if they are no-follow.

However, not the question starts to do this links are harmful?

I strongly believe that whether your backlink is no-follow but with the low-quality domain you should definitely go for disavow. Many of us might believe that building no-follow backlinks are not harmful and do not create a penalty.

If you keep on building a do-follow backlink from the same domain than that would consider as spam. Furthermore, Google will consider this as a SPAM. For example, what If you keep on posting the low-quality content on the no-follow blog for once, and again you get a spun content to post it this way you create the blog with spun content till 5 times on the same domain which gives you the no-follow link. What do you think Google does? I think it’s a SPAM and you shouldn’t do it.

Finally, I support my statement that if the no follow links are built with an intention of spamming and only with generating the count of the backlinks it is definitely going to be harmful.

What some of the SEO Influencers says on their blogs about no-follow links

They say if your no follow links do not support the backlinks that do mean that it’s not at all the ranking factor. However, it’s an indirect ranking factor. However, if you have a strong persuasive content to share on external domains with via content sharing opportunities you’re obviously going to do that because it will be going to boost your traffic and with an effort, you might get a lead to increase your sales.

Diversified backlink building

What I mean here is building backlinks from a different domain with different category pages of the website. For an example, if your website is having 5 pages namely a Home Page, and other services pages, what I mean is all you need to build a link from the different domain on your brand name. Please follow the table as under:

no follow links table

Checking the potential of “no-follow” Links

Using “rel=no-follow” tag is the great way to grab referral traffic. Suppose you run a content syndication strategy and you own a domain which focused on the content providing various content sharing opportunities. If a blogger approaches your website and wants to share his content on your website’s blog section and you like the content now within the content, you place an anchor text link pointing to high authority website like Forbes with “rel=no-follow tag”. What do you think this link will help you with even if it’s no-follow”?

This will help your website to get reach. This is the potential way to get relevant traffic on your website. If you link your website which is community owned i.e. the website having community sections like what WIKIPEDIA has, one of the good options is also to have a forum section on your website so that you can have a huge amount of user interaction.

Getting best Link from the editorial section

If you want to generate the backlinks by sharing your content on the external domains than you need to work with exclusive quality content along with the author’s bio within. You need to write good quality content with an image (free from copyright) or some infographics (self-created). All you need to give is high authority reference links to another website within the body copy. However, for your website you can always take the editorial link from your author’s bio section don’t forget you keep your headshot.

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