Most Frequently Used Words in English

When studying vocabulary, you will often find that there are lists of useful words already prepared for you to learn together. Sometimes they are grouped by topic, or they are lists designed to understand a specific text. Whatever the reason, learning the vocabulary by topic groups is usually a good idea. But if just started to study English, the list that most interests you may be one of the most used words in English.

Most used words in English

Here is a list of the most common words:

  1. The
  2. Be
  3. To
  4. Of
  5. And
  6. A
  7. In
  8. That
  9. Have
  10. I
  11. It
  12. For
  13. Not
  14. On
  15. With
  16. He
  17. As
  18. You
  19. Do
  20. At

Do you find it a bit difficult to learn these single words? It is normal, because most of them do not have a whole meaning, and you will need to give some context to the vocabulary.
Even so, as you can imagine, prepositions are words that you must learn as they appear in most sentences in English.

The most common verbs

To make a list a little easier to study, let’s try the verbs most common

  1. Be
  2. Have
  3. Would
  4. Get
  5. Could
  6. See
  7. Look
  8. like
  9. can
  10. Think
  11. How
  12. Give
  13. say
  14. Do
  15. Will
  16. Go
  17. Make
  18. Know
  19. Take
  20. use
  21. Work

The most common nouns

Now let’s look at nouns, which form the backbone of English along with verbs:

  1. Time
  2. person
  3. Year
  4. Way
  5. Day
  6. Thing
  7. man
  8. world
  9. life
  10. Hand
  11. Go
  12. Child
  13. Bird
  14. Woman
  15. Place
  16. Work
  17. week
  18. case
  19. Point
  20. Government
  21. Company

As you can see, both verbs and nouns have more lexical content, so they are easier to learn. As a practical activity, we suggest you try combining them into sentences, as in these examples:

  • The man will think about his family. — The man will think of his family
  • He would do it for the company. — I would do it for the company.
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