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How Mobile Apps are Transforming the Future of Dating?

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Apparently, digital courtship has exploded with the rise in smartphones. 2019 recorded a whopping increase in the number of dating app users. Figures surged from 18 million in the year 2018 to 25.1 million in the year 2019 (Source: Statista). Tinder, today, has around 50 million users and accounts for more than 12 million matches a day. No wonder, the stigma associated with online dating is gradually fading, and the most intuitive concepts are being added up to the number of dating apps available for the users to download and enjoy.

From Swipe Rights to finding a partner in someone you know, dating apps have come a long way to woo their target users. Being the biggest driver of this change, technology is only adding value to this journey. If you are still unsure, here are some fantastic examples for you to look at.

1. Matchmaking Lead by AI

AI and dating combination is not new. Industry giants are already out there figuring out the best matching algorithms, enabling users to find accurate matches. Implementing sophisticated AI, the system is capable of handling literally every vital part of your dating journey- from finding the right partner to providing advice on how to charm them. Not only this, the system collects feedback from users to learn from its’ own opinion.

Simply put, it is like hiring a dedicated coach that knows the right buttons to press and get two people together for a relationship of a lifetime. The best part is you don’t have to go through the embarrassment of sharing intimate details with a human coach.

2. DNA-Based Matchmaking

Well, cutting edge technological upgrade to online dating is its association with the basic building block of our life: the DNA. Dating apps today are making use of eleven specific genes that play driver in the interpersonal attraction. The matches are then filtered using data from users’ social media profiles to find potential matches that the genetically compatible as well as have similar interests and life goals.

While that itself is a significant disruptor, the innovation here is driving more extraordinary upgrades in the years to come.

3. Facial Recognition Matching

If you have a perfect picture of your life partner in mind, well apps like Dating.AI are here to help you cut through all the maybes and find an ideal match. The app uses highly advanced facial recognition software to find users that match a sample image, on the commonly used dating apps. Therefore, they enable one to find the right person without having to scroll down too many profiles.

4. Find People You Cross Path With

Happn provides a unique geo-targeted system for users to find their perfect life partner. Rather than exhausting users with algorithms and personal aesthetics, Happn lets you connect with the ones you crossed path with. You can simply Swipe Right to show your interest and Swipe Left to reject the suggestion. What else? The app also brings all the required details about your interest at the tip of fingers, including mutual interests as well as what you have been listening to on Spotify. With Happn, users can only connect with each other if it’s a match, making the overall system significantly less overwhelming as compared to traditional dating apps.

5. Real-life to Online Dating

Taking your online dates offline is mainstream. There are new marvels in the dating industry that have taken dating game to a whole new level. Eureka Love App boasts of offering a unique way to find the love of your life. Instead of making you prone to being exposed to fake profiles and uncertain swipes, you can simply discover your crush on the app and express your love in a single tap.

This way, the app takes an exciting concept. If you find a great partner in your colleague/ classmate/ best friend, you can simply download the app, invite them to the app and express love in a single click. The best part is, they will only know about your feelings if they are mutual. Thus, no embarrassment at all.

The Final Direction

Online dating is gaining immense popularity, and with new aspects knocking at the door, this hype is not going to settle anytime soon. With new platforms that offer digital dating assistance, to those that use fascia features or DNA to match people, there is a wide range of apps for people looking for a perfect match. With more advancements on the way, the internet a dating mix is sure to take relationships by storm. Soon, we’ll embark on a fully-automated, successful dating experience that doesn’t play around your feelings using the hit-or-miss approach.

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