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20 Millionaire Secrets You Never Knew

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Let’s be honest, everyone dreams of becoming a millionaire. But, it is not the walk in the park. You have to begin with the right mind-set. The ideas matter a lot and doesn’t require a magic formula.

Most millionaires didn’t achieve the status overnight- a lot of time and effort has gone into it. Wondering when is the best time to get started? Well, it is right now!

Here are 20 millionaire secrets that you should put into practice to achieve the status:

1. Set priorities

Setting goals is what takes us forward in life. They give vision to our dreams. Goals are the first step to every journey that we take and also the last. When you have a goal, you make yourself accountable to finish the task.

Set high goals. It is easy to feel discouraged when you begin with a massive mountain. Setting a goal help break larger, challenging aspirations into achievable stepping stones.

Setting goals:

  • Propel you forward
  • Help you believe in yourself
  • Tell you, your desires

Never limit yourself on the parameters placed by others or it will be very difficult to accomplish anything.

Most of you have the habit of settling for the ordinary but millionaire always aim for the extraordinary.

2. Love what you do

You will surely become a millionaire if you follow your passion. If have to work hard enough, save some money and keep an eye on long term goals. If you are aiming to become a millionaire doing something you dislike, it won’t be worth in the long run. Every millionaire has one thing in common-they love what they do. Whether they work at a good position in their office or a company they founded, they spend plenty of hours working they enjoy their work.

3. Always solution-ready

Millionaires have the ability to find a solution in every situation, despite the circumstances. When things get tougher and many packs their bags and go home, millionaires always know there is a solution. No matter how big the issue is, go ahead and challenge yourself as it will become a blessing in disguise. This also helps in maintaining a positive mind-set. Believing that challenges are part of life is not easy, but you should be ever-ready to take the responsibility and face everything.

4. Be a constant learners

Although, millionaires have a hectic life but they take out time to learn new things. No, No. We are not talking about formal education at post grad universities. It’s about learning in general. They subscribe and make it a habit to listen to podcast relevant to their business and things like TED Talks. You should keep learning new things and get those brain cells working. So, if you haven’t read a book since last year, get entertained by purchasing one and start reading.

5. Eat healthy

If you are filling your body with processed junk food, you will start feeling lethargic and sluggish. When you eat healthy, your body is active and you perform your best-this is exactly what you want. Although, you may sometime indulge in a guilty pleasure but try following the millionaire’s habit of eating a notorious diet.

6. Have the ability to communicate their vision

Millionaires possess an accurate future vision and have a great ability to communicate the same to others. You should know how to act on your instincts and solve the problems even before they occur. Try these and success will be around the corner.

7. Take calculated risk

Normal people are content to stay in their lane but a millionaire tries to come out of their comfort zone. So be like them, have a different mind-set and try calculating the intensity of risk and the ultimate reward.

8. Believe in ‘being’ more than ‘doing’

You may think that millionaire constantly focus on stuff like-brand new car, luxurious house, meals at gourmet restaurants and the list are long. Well, that may be the part of their life but they are focussed on doing something worthwhile. Millionaires work for the betterment of society. Some of them teach kids for free, donate to the needful and whatever is possible to make the world better.

9. Become an EarlyBird

There are only a few massively successful individuals who are night owls and give their best shot in mid-night hours. However, the majority of the millionaire’s wakeup before the sunrise. Establishing a morning routine may be challenging at first but it helps to become more productive throughout the day.

Well, your morning alarm is a bit irritating but becoming a millionaire isn’t.

10. Think long term

Millionaires not only think about the present, they always aim for the future. Setting goals that might take years and decades are not easy but this helps them a lot. The longer you stretch your thinking in the future, the more money you earn. Long-term goals always grapple with the big picture. Unlike other individuals, they have delayed gratification.

11. Change for good

Whether it is small or big, change is always overwhelming. While you might fear to adapt the change, for millionaires every change is warmly welcomed. You assume that change will be negative but that is not true. Start thinking whether good or bad, change will always benefit in one way or the other.

12. Ask questions

Millionaires have the habit of asking questions to themselves. You should also do the same.

Ask yourself:

  • How will I be able to make a million from what I love doing the most?
  • What all life has taught me till now?
  • What have I learnt from my failures?

As per their mind-set, framing situations tells how you handle them. Instead of simply accepting things that come their way, they focus on how to make a difference in the future.

13. Play online mind games

Games like an online crossword puzzle, Sudoku, riddles, word puzzles tends to boost the vocabulary, enhance cognitive and logical skills. They also get help with their retention power and all this helps in keeping their mind active and focused all the time.

14. Accept that you are unique

It is not likely that everyone will like you when you do something different. Don’t bother about anyone. People are there to criticize you. It is always good to listen to your critics and implement if you feel it is good for you.

15. Ultimate savers and investors

The majority of rich people started investing their money in their early twenties or thirties. You may see them spending lavishly but they know where to invest, how and when.

16. Have a to-do list

It is quite similar to setting goals. Millionaires have a priority list and make sure they are moving ahead step by step and achieving everything one after the other. Rather than moving aimlessly, it is better to have a plan and make a to-do list. You should know how you should be doing, what you have to do and where you see yourself.

17. Maintain, manage and monitor

They continue to maintain all the work they have done. They are amazing when it comes to managing life and keep a balance between job, personal life and goals. Also, they monitor their deeds and success.

18. Exercise on a regular basis

Like they have a habit of eating well, millionaires take care of their body by exercising. This doesn’t mean you should have a ripped physique, it simply means you exercise regularly to ensure their body works at optimum level.

19. Never Quit

Millionaires make a promise to themselves, never to say no. They always go on the field to win the battle. Chances of not winning in the first attempt are always high, but you should learn from your mistakes and get back to the drawing board in no time.

20. Never afraid of asking for advice

Most of the millionaires aren’t ‘do it yourself’ investors. They know, everything can’t be their strength. So, they seek advice from experts regarding saving and financial planning.

They have taken time to learn how to successfully work with money. The secrets of becoming a millionaire are not mysterious at all. Want to get closer to that nine figure number? Work smartly, go for these small tweaks, goal setting, and long term financial planning.

Nandita Ela
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