Membrane, mechanical or scissor: which keyboard is better?

There are three main types of keyboards: membrane, scissor, and mechanical. The difference is in the mechanism of pressing the buttons, but the speed and uninterrupted transmission of commands to the computer depends on it, and this is the key to comfortable use, gaming success, and the absence of typos.

Membrane keyboards

The most common and affordable type of keyboard. Under the keys, they have a rubber gasket and a flexible board. When the button is pressed, a special conductive part of the membrane closes the contacts and the signal is transmitted to the computer.

Membrane keyboards are durable, sensitive to pressure, and have low noise levels. Suitable for use in games and for long-term office needs. They are available and widely available on the market.

But there are also disadvantages. Over time, the membranes wear out and begin to “miss” pressing. Dust and other debris accumulate under the buttons, and the backlight of such keyboards is simply useless, as it illuminates the substrate, not the buttons.

Scissor keyboards

In principle, they are very similar to membrane ones. In such keyboards, in addition to a rubber conductive contact (similar to a membrane, but smaller), there are plastic legs that control the uniformity of pressing.

The height of the keys on scissor keyboards is often smaller than on membrane keyboards. This is justified by the fact that the mechanism itself is more compact. The keyboards are quiet, take pressure well and last quite a long time. The cost does not differ much from membrane ones and is also widely represented in stores.

Due to the more complex actuation mechanism, scissor keyboards are more difficult to repair. When the legs wear out, the keys stop being pressed, and begin to dangle or sink.

This keyboard is more suitable for office work, where the load on all keys is uniform. The low profile allows you to type faster. You can play them, but the control of the uniformity of pressing the legs can interfere with the gamer, and excessive emotional pressing of the same buttons threatens to break.

Mechanical keyboards

Each key of such a keyboard is equipped with a separate full-fledged button, so that pressing is fixed already in the middle of the key stroke. The high input speed and excellent transfer of tactile sensations from the buttons of these keyboards contributed to their wide adoption among gamers.

The mechanical keyboard lasts twice as long as the membrane keyboard and has a higher input speed. The individual design of the buttons allows you to build in them a variety of backlighting, illuminating each key separately.

But such keyboards are extremely susceptible to moisture, have large dimensions, and make much more noise than membrane and scissor ones. And the price of mechanical keyboards is much higher.

How to choose a keyboard?

Both membrane and scissor keyboards are perfect for everyday tasks and computer games. When choosing between them, you should pay attention to the form factor – using the keyboard should be convenient.

The need to purchase a mechanical keyboard appears with the passion for e-sports, when the player’s success in competitions depends on the equipment. Gaming devices, as a rule, are notoriously ergonomic and nothing prevents them from being used for office work, if necessary. But they can be uncomfortable with the habit.

Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Sharma
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