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Marketing Tricks that Work for Small and Large Businesses

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You might believe that marketing strategies are wildly different depending on whether you are a small or a large business and that you will have to change your campaigns as your company grows. However, this is not always the case, and some marketing tricks can work for you no matter how many customers or sales your business has to its name.

1. Invest in Custom Apparel

If there is one marketing tool that every business loves, it is custom apparel. Whether you decide to outfit your employees in the custom hats Colorado company Anthem Branding has or give t-shirts or bags out to potential customers at events that have your logo on, custom apparel can help to make your brand memorable both to the owner of the apparel and to everyone that spots them wearing it. Not only this, but custom apparel ensures that your employees are constantly representing your brand and all that it stands for, giving your team a cohesive look that makes them instantly recognizable to the public.

2. Host Social Media Competitions

When it comes to what the general public loves, you cannot go wrong with a competition, especially those which are easy for everyone to enter. You should consider hosting a competition on social media where the winner can win one of your products or a gift voucher. You could even consider teaming up with another brand to boost your prize, grow your followers, and make the competition worthwhile for your business. To make sure that it is simple to enter, you should consider asking entrants to like, share, and tag others in your competition post. This will enable word about the competition to get around and to make sure that enough people enter. However, if you want to opt for a competition that is a little more original and already has marketing inbuilt, you should consider asking people to design a temporary logo for you, draw one of your products, or take a picture of themselves with their favorite of your products.

3. Opt for a Referral Scheme

Nothing can beat a good old referral scheme, though. Referral schemes have been popular since the dawn of business, and they continue to be common marketing tools today. However, it is easier now to start up a referral scheme than in previous years. All you need to do is to send around a promotional code to your loyal customers that they can then send on to a friend. Once the friend uses the code in question, they will be sent a discount on their next purchase. This can then encourage returning customers and can allow you to grow your customer base by targeting the right demographic.

4. Sponsor an Event

You should also consider sponsoring an event. Small businesses should speak to the organizers of local events within their community, where they can share their products and increase footfall to their brick and mortar stores. By contrast, large businesses should consider aiming to sponsor much larger, national events, where they might be able to rein in sales from across the country.

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