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How To Make Real Money From Selling Virtual Goods Online

Do you know? In 2017, out of $103 billion Gaming Industry, Sales of Virtual Goods contribute more than $80 billion. Yes, today, Virtual Goods are billion dollar Industry. You can make real money by selling Virtual Goods online.

Virtual Goods are the non-physical products, which you can’t touch and feel. For Example, Music, Wallpapers, Games, Mobile Apps etc. Next, to know how to start an online store for selling Virtual Goods online then please read below.

But before starting with the article, let us first understand the benefits of selling virtual goods online.

The two biggest benefits of selling virtual goods online are

  1. It will never get Out of Stocks.
  2. It does not involve any Storage Cost in storing it.

So, based on the above two reasons, it is always advisable to sell virtual goods over physical goods online.

Next, let us discuss how to start an online store for selling virtual goods online

Select Your Virtual Goods

This is the first step involved in selling Virtual Goods online. For selling virtual goods, you first need to decide What you want to sell online? Do you want to sell any kinds of music online? or You want to sell Mobile Apps?

Please note that Virtual Goods are not limited to Songs, Music, ebooks and Mobile Apps online. It includes many other things also. For Example, Machine Embroidery Designs, Cliparts, Tutorials in PDF and Video format, Powerpoint Presentation.

Yes, you can sell any virtual goods online and make real money from it. Check out EmbroideryShristi‘, it is selling Machine Embroidery Designs and making money from it.

Purchase Domain Name

Once you decide the virtual products, the next step involves starting an online store is purchasing a domain name.

While purchasing the domain name, ensure your domain name includes the name of your virtual goods in it. For example, if you want to sell Mobile Apps online then your domain name must include the keyword ‘Mobile Apps’ in it.

This will help you to grow your business and rank your website on the first page of the search result.

Select Online Platform

The next steps involved in selling virtual goods online is selecting an online platform. Here, by online platform we mean, open source software to be used for developing your website.

Remember, your blogging platform will not work everywhere. You can not trust WordPress for full fledge Online Store selling virtual goods online.

We suggest Prestashop, for starting an online store. Prestashop is an open source software and it has everything that a virtual online store required.

Next, here, it is important to note that you can’t use the same platform for physical and virtual goods online. This is because the requirement of both kinds of goods is different. For example, Cash on Delivery will be applicable for Physical Store but it will be not applicable for Virtual Store.

Create a Social Media Account

Do you know? Today, more than 80% of people are using Social Media across the globe. So if you are not using Social Media Networks then your business is losing so many potential customers online.

Next, since you are selling virtual goods online, 90% of your customers will be from online and hence it is very important to promote your business online. Here, the role of Social Media comes. You can promote your business through Social Media Networks.

Of Course, you need to use another method for promoting and marketing your online store. Without promotion, you will not get enough customers on your store. Hence, like the physical store, the online store also needs an online promotion.


So, finally, you are here. This is the last step of starting an online virtual store and making real money from it. In this step, you will learn how to monetize your virtual store.

  1. Through Selling Virtual Goods Online
  2. Through Google AdSense (in adsense, you will get paid for showing ads on your website or online store)

Do you know?  Since these goods are sold online, it has a worldwide market. You will have the customers across the globe.

That’s it. Now, enjoy selling virtual goods online and make real money from it.

Kaustubh Patel
Kaustubh Patel
A Young and Talented professional making money from his online store and website since 2011.

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