How to Make Money on YouTube (Step by Step Guide)

October 7, 2016 by OurNetHelps

Back in 2005, no one knew that a video-sharing platform created by two former PayPal employees would change the face of Internet marketing. Today, YouTube is the top video sharing platform, with an average of 72 hours of content uploaded on the website every minute.

Why Should I Choose YouTube? Aren’t you a successful online entrepreneur who is growing their audience and income?

Of course, you are! And this is why you need YouTube. With the help of your own YouTube Channel, you will be able to share, promote, and sale, not only your own products and services but also those of the other businesses and affiliates.

Is YouTube that necessary as a passive income idea? Yes, it is! In 2015, YouTube had more than 10+ trillion views, which is equivalent to 500 views for each person walking on the earth! If you are a true online entrepreneur, and you are serious about making money online, you won’t ignore YouTube. All of the successful international brands have their own YouTube Channel (for example Coca-Cola, Gillette, and Kenneth Cole). Besides, most of the writers, comedians, Hollywood actors, journalists etc., use YouTube to connect and share with their fans.

Could you afford to lose this opportunity? Of course not!

I feel it’s difficult to work on YouTube; I just hate doing all of the tedious tasks associated with it! YouTube is a simple and easy-to-operate platform; anyone who says that it is complex to operate is misguiding you. In order to start your YouTube channel, you need no more than 30-40 minutes max. Let’s start the moneymaking machine now!

How YouTube is Different to All the other Passive Income Ideas:

1. YouTube is a powerful source of social connection and education.

2. YouTube offers you the freedom of free expression; you can use the platform in the most creative ways without infringing the network’s policies or Terms of Service.

3. YouTube allows you to target a global audience and consequently earn a global profit.

4. YouTube is a more social, open and fulfilling platform than both television and a number of its contemporary online platforms.

5. With 800 million visitors a month, YouTube provides you with the most social and open advertisement platform.

6. It is easier to create viral videos on YouTube than any other platform.

Did You Know?

1. The term “Viral” on the internet refers to a post that gets maximum views and online shares without any extra marketing done by the creator.

2. YouTube is a great platform not only for big organizations; but also for small businesses and startups. Besides, many non-profit organizations are successfully connecting with people through YouTube.

3. YouTube is equally useful to an individual online entrepreneur and a community of people who are united in doing business or raising awareness.

4. According to Hunter Walk, Director of Product Management at YouTube, it is good business, not just philanthropy. Thus, YouTube is one of the most business/ profit oriented online platforms.

Top 5 Benefits of Using YouTube

YouTube is a whole new world of opportunities when it comes to passive income ideas. It is a multi-purpose platform that offers you countless chances of making more profit. It is not just a video sharing platform; it is one of the most celebrated social media networks, the second most popular search engine, and the third most visited website after Google and Facebook.

Here are the Top Five Benefits of using YouTube as a passive income idea:

1. With the help of YouTube, you can tap the highest number of the young audience. According to Neilson, YouTube reaches more American 18-34-year-olds than the cable network.

2. Interestingly, over 60% of searchers click on the first three search results on Google, whereas, over 90% of all searchers click on first ten organic results on Google searches. As you may have already noticed, Google gives preference to videos rather than images and written content. With the help of your YouTube channel, you can easily reach that top spot on Google, and make a positive psychological impact on your target audience.

3. You can re-purpose your YouTube videos into presentations, podcasts, newsletters, blog posts, and articles etc. That means your YouTube content will be eternal; you can use it in any form, and each time it will target a new type of audience.

4. YouTube videos can be an excellent and powerful call-to-action. According to research, people pay more attention to a video message compared to written content or captured images.

5. With the help of built-in software, you can interrupt a running video and ask the viewer to enter their email address. If the video is engaging and persuasive enough, the viewer will willingly enter his or her email address, thereby giving you the added benefit of building your email list. Use this email address to share your future promotional campaigns and affiliate programs, etc.

Entrepreneurs who have Changed their Lives with YouTube

As an entrepreneur, YouTube could be your best empowering tool. Stories of successful people always encourage young aspirants. Here are the incredible brief stories of three entrepreneurs who have achieved unbelievable success with YouTube.

Rob Chapman, He started his career as a daytime marketer and a struggling musician, but now he is a musician with a fan the following spread throughout the world, as well as a singer, a courageous bandleader, a clever product endorser, and a guitar company owner. Rob definitely knows how to make it big with the help of the third most popular website, YouTube.

Leonardo Pereznieto Despite being a full-time artist, Leonardo wasn’t able to make his both ends meet. However, because his YouTube channel got on track, today he is making hundreds of thousands of dollars. Thanks to his popular YouTube channel, “Fine Art-Tips”, he is both a brand and an authority.

Betty Givan Keeping southern cooking alive with her YouTube channel, “Betty’s Kitchen”, Betty has not just been able to get 36 million views and 110,000 followers (2011), she has also managed to publish cookbooks and launch mobile apps. Achieving success and making money wasn’t this easy before YouTube, was it?

How to Make Money on YouTube

Create Video Series. YouTube gives you an extraordinary opportunity of creating an episodic series of whatever you like. In fact, data has revealed that video series attract more than single videos. The only limitations that can hinder your progress are your budget and your creativity.

YouTube Partner Program. Once you have uploaded some videos on YouTube, the next step should be to set up a YouTube Partner Program. Under this program, YouTube will pay you a commission on your videos and the views that they attract.

Create Tutorials. Many people have become YouTube stars after uploading tutorials on different subjects. The most successful tutorials could be created on anything; i.e. gardening, how-to do something, cleaning, kitchen hacks, yoga, etc.

How to Get Started

Are you ready to dive in the most rewarding passive income idea? Let’s get started.

Be Very Precise About Your Goals. Before initiating the process of sign up, you must make a clear plan. Consider the three most important things:

1. What are you going to show through your YouTube Channel?

2. Will you be able to keep up with the fast-moving world of YouTube? Make a plan of weekly and monthly posts.

3. How will you monetize your account?

Set Up Your YouTube Channel. YouTube needs you to register with the help of your Google account. Once the account is created, you will be asked to name your account, upload an “About” section, and upload a channel icon. Remember that all this information needs to be representative of your company.

Create Videos. Your YouTube channel is now working. The next step is to make the videos and upload them onto the channel.

Top Three Tips to Get Noticed on YouTube

Every online entrepreneur has his or her collection of successful tricks that they use to get the extra public attention that everyone envies. Here are the top three tips to get noticed on YouTube; all three are tested and are hugely popular with most of the successful You Tubers.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In the case of YouTube, it is also known as SMO (Social Media Optimization). SEO is not just meant for blogs and affiliate programs. It is equally important in ranking your videos. On YouTube, you can optimize your content for greater visibility in the following ways:

1. Put the keyword in the title, about page, description of the video, and within the video content.

2. Do not use lengthy titles: a 4-12 word title attracts the most attention.

3. Keep the description of the video short and to-the-point. The description is the worst place to show your lengthy thoughts and views; let this job be done by the viewer.

Add Content after Regular Intervals. Nothing disappoints viewers more than this. Once you start getting modest reviews and your videos get the desired attention, do not take it for granted. Make a timetable of uploading videos, and diligently stick to it, no matter how much success you achieve!

Do Not Self Advertise. A little introduction of your company (if any), or of yourself, will not do any harm. However, if you dedicate an entire post to who you are, what you love, what you hate etc., you will definitely lose a big chunk of viewers.

Would you like to watch a video which is half about a person whom you don’t know, and in whom you are simply not interested? Spare your viewers from this horrific experience, and stay focused on them. With time, when people developed a fondness for your skills and your work, they will be more interested in knowing who you are. Until then, focus on the work you do. Making money with YouTube requires you to be patient, diligent and resilient. Let’s start your passive income business now!

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