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Top 8 Live Video Streaming Sites to Broadcast and Watch Events Online

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The advanced world that we live in today has made us addicted to technology and Internet in particular. We just cannot let go of our fancy smartphones and gadgets and we are addicted to them 24/7. In these times, the households are flooded with fancy and complex gadgets of every shape and size and the contemporary residents of this Digital Age have ensured steady subscriptions to high-speed Internet service providers, such as EarthLink Internet Service, for all members of the family. In the said scenario, browsing and live video streaming have become ways of life and we just can’t get enough of them.

Live video streaming has become one of the most popular and prevalent activities that occupy a massive amount of time by all the contemporary Internet users. Be it music concerts, sports events, TV shows or news, people heavily use the live streaming option on the web, either for free or with a paid subscription. Pertaining to the popularity of live streaming, there are a number of forums that can be used for live-streaming. You can broadcast events live to gain more exposure and similarly, watch live events. And all you need is a high-performance Internet service and you are good to go.

Here is a list of some of the top video streaming Apps and sites.

1. YouTube

YouTube is perhaps the biggest forum for video sharing and broadcasting. It is the biggest video hosting site on the Internet. YouTube has recognized the potential of live-streaming and has introduced the very feature. The ease that YouTube facilitates its users with is also there in the live streaming feature. We already have our YouTube accounts and we can easily live-stream stuff.

Needless to say, live-streaming an event can be accessed by anyone from anywhere. For instance, an event that someone is hosting in his city can be live streamed to get a massive audience across the world. One can attain a remarkable exposure and a whopping number of attendees and great audience through live-streaming. We are very familiar with YouTube and can easily use it for own benefit.

Also, you can catch events that are held thousands of miles away from you through these forums that support online-streaming.

2. UStream

UStream is the second most popular forum that supports live video-streaming. You can easily broadcast events and shows live and online. The site also conveniently features and includes multiple sharing options on social networking sites that make video sharing more convenient and easy.

The users enjoy the convenience of not having to log in and can watch and search content to watch online. So, while entertaining the idea of broadcasting something live next time, have a look at UStream.

3. Justin.TV

Justin TV, is another choice for steadily broadcasting live videos that are generated by users while allowing the subscribers and users to have a real-time connection with attendees and audiences around the globe. The service is free and you can enjoy the benefit of having an unlimited number of attendees and that too for free. And if you are using it just as a viewer, you don’t have to essentially register yourself as a member.

There are a good number of custom channels (video) and radio stations that are currently running on Justin.TV.

You can see a lot of promotional content on the said forum such as interviews of famous people and so on.

4. Livestream

Livestream is another video platform that is widely used. Users enjoy the ease and convenience of broadcasting videos online through computer’s webcams, camcorders, smartphones, cameras, and so on. The service offers some amazing video tools for your convenience, media players, sharing and embedding features, and many other such facilitating features that help you connect better with your audience through your video broadcast.

5. YouNow

YouNow is a social television platform that is life and users can live-broadcast videos and clips through their cellphones and webcam? It is a remarkable place to catch live broadcasts as well as to meet new mates and friends.

6. QIK

With QIK, you broadcast live the videos that you are capturing with your cell phones and share them right away. You can share videos while recording simultaneously. There is an additional feature where you can easily video chat on your cell phones with QIK users anywhere. QIK is supported by social networks, that makes video sharing and embedding a simple and easy task.

7. Bambuser

On Bambuser, users can live-stream clips and videos easily from webcams, cell phones or DV cameras. The service is free and social media friendly. Users can stream live mobile videos on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and WordPress. Other lucrative features comprise geo-location tags, integrated storage online, and sharing buttons.

8. Freedocast

Freedocast lets you broadcast live videos and supports chatting with all other users. The service has an inclusive Flash video-encoder that ensures high-quality streaming. Freedocast enables the additional effects that can be added to the videos and that converts your PC into a studio precisely.

In addition to all the aforementioned forums, the social media forums such as Facebook, Instagram, and others support live streaming and you can conveniently target a massive audience through the social networking sites with the live video-streaming option. It is clear that the number of subscribers and members that are there on Facebook and Instagram, are not on any of the above-mentioned forums, except YouTube perhaps. So, you can avail the benefit of these social media sites effectively to enjoy a massive audience.

All you need is a steady subscription to one of the best Internet Service Providers in town to broadcast and watch the live videos without any interruption or lag. Get in touch with EarthLink Customer Support and subscribe to their incredibly-designed packages that are just right for your live streaming and broadcasting needs – EarthLink Internet plans. Target your audience with live video-broadcasting effectively with one of the best ISPs in town.

Live-streaming has become an essential part of our lives. Subscribe to EarthLink Internet Service for smooth streaming experiences. Get in touch with EarthLink Internet Plans and choose the package that suits your streaming and connectivity needs.

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