How to Live Stream Games on Facebook and YouTube

Are you a Mobile Gamer, playing games like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Free Fire or Clash of Clans? and Want to earn Money by Streaming live on Facebook and YouTube? If yes, then you are at right place. Here we will discuss how to live stream Games on Facebook and YouTube Live just using Mobile Phone.

There is another way to stream online in which you can use Mobile and PC. You need to mirror your Mobile screen on PC and PC will Broadcast the Stream on Facebook and YouTube. But what if you don’t have a pc or you don’t want to use PC or Laptop to Stream Live. Then I have a trick by which you can just use your Mobile to Stream Live your Mobile Games like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite and Clash of clan, in short anything you do on your phone will be streamed live.

Many People will comment that streaming is easy but what about the internal sound. Then the trick that I am going to share today also work on internal gaming sound.  Even this trick is available for Android and IOS both. You can stream your Gameplay along with the internal and External Sound.

How to Live Stream Games on Facebook and YouTube?

First of all, you need a Mobile in which Mobile games like PUBG Mobile can run smoothly. Then a fast internet near about 3 MBPS speed. If yes, then follow the given steps and Enjoy your Live game stream.

1. Download the Mobile App called Omlet Arcade and install in your Mobile.

2. Open and Signup into the Omlet Arcade using Gmail, or Facebook ID.

3. You will have to verify your Account so enter valid email address.

4. Then follow the Gaming Community that you like on Omlet Arcade.

5. After all Set you will see a + button in Middle Bottom side of the application, when you click on it you will see options like Go Live and Post you can use Go live option for live streaming.

6. After you click on Go Live button you need to select the game you have in your Mobile.

7. Then you will see Multiple Live Streaming Channel Option like YouTube, Facebook etc. Sign in to the channel where you want to Stream your Game Live.

8. You will have to login with the account from which you want to go live with your game. Suppose you want to go live on Facebook then login with your Facebook id and password.

9. Once, you are done you can click on next. Then you will have to choose the Phone Screen Position. Use Landscape for PUBG, Fortnite, Clash of Clans and Use Portrait Mode for Clash Royals.

10. Click on done, and then an update will be posted on your Facebook group or YouTube profile which you have selected as Live stream platform.

11. But your Broadcast is not started yet. For that When You Open the Game you will see a Floating DOT on your screen click on it and click on Recording Option/Live Stream option.

12. Congrats your Stream is Live now.


Omlet Arcade is Recording every Action on your Phone and Sending it live. So please keep your Notifications off and Divert your Calls to another Number during Live Stream so that your Privacy will not get Publically Disturbed.

Team ONH
Team ONH
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