Top 4 Link Building Strategies with Proven Result

September 14, 2016 by OurNetHelps

A link from a trusted or high authority website with the right keywords in the anchor text is like a vote for your site or blog. Getting quality backlinks to your website can be done using various strategies such as giving away content or tools, asking for a link, or using widgets. The following is a detailed breakdown of the most effective link building strategies:

Become a Content Provider

Sites get linked if they offer the most valuable information on a particular topic. Give people a reason to link to your website. Write quality content that drives organic traffic. Use your skills and knowledge to write informative articles and publish them on other people’s websites or in article directories. Include a compelling description along with your website address in the author box.


Directories are a great way to get backlinks. Some of them require users to pay a fee in order to obtain a listing. Some experts believe that webmasters should add their sites only to well-established directories such as DMOZ and Yahoo. Not all directories provide backlinks that the search engines value. Before adding your website or blog to directories, investigate their track record and editorial policies. Make sure they have not been flagged by search engines.


An unconventional way to get quality backlinks involves doing webinars on a regular basis. Set up a page on your site solely dedicated to webinars. Provide downloadable materials, online event calendars, and free software. Promote your webinars in print and online newsletters. This strategy will help you obtain quality backlinks over the long term.

Press Release Links

Press releases can help you increase website exposure and get backlinks from authoritative sources. When you publish a press release on the Internet, it is posted to online news networks. Choosing the right keywords is one of the most important steps in writing press releases for SEO and link building. A well-written press release will improve your online reputation, increase organic traffic to your site, and help you gain credibility.

The link building strategies listed above will help improve your rankings and gain link popularity. Make sure your website provides valuable content that other sites are eager to link to. Promote your content on social networking websites and ask other webmasters to put a link to your website on their pages. If you are an expert in your field, use Q & A websites to show your expertise and build a few no-follow links to your website or blog.

Backlink building is a highly effective technique that can help you gain popularity online and attract visitors to your website. Hiring a company that provides backlink building service has many benefits. A professional can help you get natural backlinks and improve your rankings fast.