Why Link Building is Important And Not to Ignore It

September 18, 2017 by OurNetHelps

Link Building is a risky game and we need to take care while building backlinks for our website. In all the way Link building is an important factor where we need to be more cautious and keep an eye on the authenticity of backlinks.

Hence, a proper backlink health check will save your website from penalties and give you best search visibilities.

Old School Methods:

1. Everyone is Cautious and Enthusiastic:

Well, I am talking about the new client. Yes, when a new client comes on the board you are definitely going to be cautious and enthusiastic to perform well and you try to showcase your results. When we talk about the backlinks the first thing you would do is some basic health check and audits for your client’s website. Going ahead you will try to analyze backlinks with the help of tools like Majestic or AHREF.

2. How to treat your client’s backlinks?

Treating your client backlinks would have 2 ways. You will do the backlink audit by downloading all the backlinks of your client’s website and firstly you will check it the website traffic with the help of Google Analytics and after analyzing you will figure out that which ways you want to go i.e. 1. Aggressive link audit or 2. Liberal link audit.

3. Building Ethical Backlinks:

There are many ways to build ethical backlinks like Guest Blogs, Citations and Recovering dead backlinks, Infographics Content giveaways and much more.

4. Benefits of Link Building:

Nowadays getting online presence is not a big deal what matters is when you talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) all you need to see where your website is ranking. Even if your client is ranking on the second position of the Google search results you will always compete with your competitors and you want to stay up in the first position and this is what you called reputation management.

The point on focus why Link Building is Important

1. Increase in a link through rates:

It is basic and necessary to complete your on-page fix on the website before you start doing link building. By building backlinks will not only help your keywords to boost up in rankings and visibility but they will also remain stable and get stick to the same position and help keyword to gain better click-through rates (CTR) and ultimately your website will get traffic.

2. The act of Increasing domain authority and page authority:

Getting domain authority and page authority. DA and PA are the metrics of MOZ and they have their own score which is out of 100. The more you have a high number of DA and PA score for your website the better visibility and rankings are achieved. Hence, building high authority links will give the boost in DA and PA for your website.

3. Getting best referral traffic:

Pointing links to your website via referral website will give you long-term visits from the anchor links from the content. These links are recursive in nature and with respect to the traffic it will give a fixed amount of monthly traffic and I think it’s the most important thing when you or your client is seeking for regular traffic.

4. Seeking links from high directories resources:

Have you heard about NAP? NAP is nothing but the Name the Address and the Phone Number, it is very important for every business to keep their NAP details consistent. The important about NAP is when you create a Google My Business Page targeting your local area Google finds your NAP details and give the weight to your brand name. Furthermore, when you do some directories building you also need to take care that each and every NAP details for your brand or business should be consistent it will help to build good brand visibility and it will also increase your chances to get more conversions.

5. Creating new relations with Bloggers:

In the entire bloggers, outreach doesn’t run for the links. You also need to create a strong relationship with the bloggers sometimes they often ask for more content with a good hope and if you provide them it can be a great win-win situation.

However, once you have built an editorial link from your brand name it can, of course, comes into the attention of people who are reading your blog post and thus it also creates brand awareness.


I strong accord with my statement that Link building is the most important factor if it’s ethical and not Sammy or dodgy.

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