Life In The UK Test: Frequently Asked Questions

Are you planning to settle down in the United Kingdom?

If your answer is yes, you must be well-aware of the Life in the UK test. For those you are not yet familiar with it, passing the Life in the UK test is one of the essential requirements to win British citizenship.

However, in the course of booking the test to taking it and getting your pass/ fail certificate, your mind is expected to come across specific questions.

We have curated some of these questions and answers for you here.

1. What is the Life in the UK Test?

The Life in the UK test is a computerized exam comprising 24 questions. The test is designed to test the applicant’s knowledge of Life in the United Kingdom.

2. Who takes the Life in the UK Test?

The test is tailored to test aspiring UK citizens. Everybody in the age bracket of 18-64 is required to clear this test to earn UK Citizenship or for indefinite leave to remain application.

You cannot take the test if: You are under 18 or over 65.

Unable to, due to exceptional circumstances (such as long-term physical or mental condition)

3. How many times am I supposed to pass the Life in the UK Test?

You are expected to pass the test only once. That is, you don’t need to attempt the test again if you are applying for British citizenship or previously given Life in the UK Test as part of your settlement application.

4. Can I Take the Test After Applying for Settlement or Citizenship in the UK?

No, you will need to take and pass the test before submitting your application form as your pass notification letter from the Life in the UK test center will need to be attached to your application form and send to the Home Office.

5. What is the passing criteria for Life in the UK Test?

You must score at least 75% or more to pass the test. That is, you must answer 18 or more questions correctly out of 24.

6. How am I supposed to book the test?

You can book the test by completing the application available on the official website. You will have to choose the preferred test location from the list of available options. The test level across the test centers is the same, and you can opt for the one nearest you. You can also provide special requirements while booking the test.

7. How to Postpone the Life in the UK Test?

To postpone the test, you need to log back into your account on the official website and simply reschedule the date this can only be done three days before your test date if you don’t do this then you will lose the fee you have paid.

8. How much does it cost to book the Life in the UK Test?

The fee to book Life in the UK Test is £50.

9. What documents do I need to book the Life in the UK Test?

You will need your identity proof while booking the test. Following ID proofs are acceptable:

#1: Passport (can be expired)

#2: UK driving license

#3: European ID card

#4: Biometric residence permit

10. What do I need to know for the test?

You need to thoroughly read and memorize the 3rd edition of Life in the UK Handbook. Every single question in the test will be based on this book.

11. How can I prepare for Life in the UK Test?

Besides official resources, there are multiple other sources to prepare for the Life in the UK test. One striking example is the website. The website has a wide range of perks for Life in the UK Test aspirants such as:

#1: Preparation material

#2: Simulation tests

#3: Chapter tests

#4: News and information

12. What is the difficulty level of the Life in the UK Test?

The official Life in the UK test contains 24 randomly selected questions. This makes each test paper unique in terms of difficulty. The only sure-shot way to pass the test is to memorise the handbook and make sure you take plenty of practice tests.

13. Are there any tips and tricks to clear the examination?

Yes. Let’s go through them here:

#1: Memorise Life in the UK test handbook

#2: Take plenty of practice tests and consider checking the reviews after each

#3: Take time to read and answer the questions

#4: Pay attention to the type of question asked. Some of the questions would have multiple correct answers

14. How long will I spend at the test centre?

You are required to give yourself a time slot of two hours for the test. Ensure to arrive 15 minutes early to the test centre. The identity checks would take another 15 minutes, and the test would be 45 minutes long. The waiting time of the result is less than 5 minutes.

You can leave the test centre after receiving your pass/ fail certificate.

15. What is the procedure for an identity check?

Every test centre follows the standard procedure.

You will be required to show your identity proofs that you used while booking the test and demonstrate the true likeliness of the person displayed on the ID.

16. Can I bring guests/ visitors?

You cannot have visitors/ guests come along with you to the test centre. However, they can accompany you to the British Citizenship ceremony.

17. What to expect if I pass the test?

You will receive a pass certificate if you clear the test. The document is valid for a lifetime and can be used for all future applications.

18. What happens if I fail the test?

If you fail the Life in the UK test, you will have to wait for another seven days before you can book Life in the UK test again. There is no limit to attempt the examination. However, each time you schedule a test, you will have to pay £50.

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