The Best Way to Learn VLSI Design

You must be wondering why the world is in dire need of the best VLSI engineers out there. With the advance in technology and need for chips in perhaps every single electronic item out there, companies are ready to cough up large sums of money for VLSI design engineers. Do you want to become a VLSI design engineer? The best way to become one is to go step by step and learn the basics first. A few important topics pertaining to VLSI design have been described in this article. Just practice and learn the following and you are bound to have a strong foundation to be an extremely successful VLSI engineer.

Logic Design or LD

The first step towards the field of VLSI is the learning of gates and notches. The logic design comprises of all the basic tools required to build a VLSI system. AND, NAND, OR, NOR, NOT, XOR, XNOR are some of the primary gates that are found in the chip. Clocks, flip-flops, latches, etc. are made using these basic or universal gates. The most famous flip-flop is the Master – Salve JK Flip-flop, and also SR Latch. Finite State Machines (FSM’s) are a more advanced form of gates. You will learn to make synchronous and asynchronous circuits (based on clock requirement). You must learn to create the circuit using minimum resources. This is to ensure you do not end up using more power in the circuit. Efficiency is the key. Join a good VLSI training institute today!

CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor)

Use of the CMOS fundamentals in your projects solely depends on whether you are part of the front end development team or the back-end development team. CMOS is highly recommended for the backend operations of the circuit. Start off by learning a simple yet useful SRAM (Static RAM) and DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory). Install SPICE, and figure out the timing and performance of the system.

HDL (Hardware Description Language), VHDL, and RTL (Register Transfer Level)

These coding languages are vital when it comes to the back end of the VLSI design training. It is the software description of basically commanding the hardware that is in use. There are also graphs from where you can analyze and simulate all the gates that are in use. HDL is particularly very important.

EDA Tools

The entire VLSI system is being automated into the EDA tools background. Handling them is a must gain experience to be the best VLSI engineer out there. It is really important in dealing with the back end of most projects.

Basics of Microprocessors

Learning the basics of the ALU controller and the DMU controller is vital. It is important to understand the microprocessor chip that you are working on to get the best results.

Timing Analysis and basics of Unix

In order to automate routine tasks, scripts are written. It is required for both the front end and the back end development.

Joining the best VLSI training institutes in Bangalore is required to get all these skills. Get your dream job today!

Pragyan Prabha
Pragyan Prabha
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