Knowmads: An interesting reality of the world of work

To respond to the needs that companies will have in the near future, a new term has emerged: knowmads.

It is used to describe professionals who are most interested in learning, improving, and keeping up to date.

The differential value that they can contribute to the jobs of the future goes beyond transforming information into knowledge. It also highlights the ability to perform functions related to innovation and problem solving.

In this article, we tell you what conditions meet the knowmads to work with the demands of the new times.

What are knowmads?

It is a neologism that combines the words know (to know,) and nomad, applied to the world of work it means nomadic knowledge worker.

The term concentrates on the characteristics that a worker must have in the current context to face the professional challenges of the future.

The knowmads are mainly characterized by being innovative, and creative. They have a great ability to work as a team with almost anyone, at any time and place.

In addition, they are characterized by taking advantage of the potential of knowledge from the Internet and new technologies, mainly digital.

A knowmad is valued for his personal knowledge. This gives you a competitive advantage over other workers less adapted to the environment.

Why incorporate knowmads into your work team?

Today’s professional world is marked by technological innovations and almost immediate access to a huge amount of data. This makes companies demand more and more flexible, creative profiles with a high capacity for adaptation.

Therefore, it is considered that the incorporation of knowmads is linked to the evolution of the labor market. Adding this type of talent to the company can be summed up in the following advantages:

Continuous learning

Knowmads are not satisfied with what they already know. They are aware that, in order to remain up-to-date, they must continuously train and learn based on their concerns.

This type of professional profile acquires knowledge and skills without knowing exactly when they are going to be used. And prepares them to face realities that are not yet drawn on the horizon, but that will eventually arrive.

Highly productive

The knowmads have a high productivity profile and when they participate in a project, they do so with all its consequences. They apply all the resources at their disposal to achieve their work objective and without skimping on hours of dedication.

This type of worker has a great sense of commitment to work and their goals are oriented towards achieving results. Therefore, the knowmads do not stop their work until they reach the goal or find a solution to the problem.

They are creative and innovative

One of the most important traits of a knowmad is imagination. Through it, they manage to develop and implement innovative ideas that can improve the efficiency and competitiveness of companies.

The knowmads do not place economic profitability as the main objective of professional achievement. This type of profile puts personal satisfaction before them because they carry out tasks that they enjoy. This results in a sense of freedom and greater freedom, greater creativity, and the generation of productive ideas.

Technology is your world

The knowmad master’s new technologies, understand how they work, and takes advantage of them for the benefit of their work. In addition, he handles social networks with ease and shares information; therefore, it is always aware and alert to what is happening in the world.

A worker highly linked to digitization not only allows companies to keep up with technological advances. They are also perfectly suited to the telecommuting modality since they can carry out and successfully complete their projects from anywhere.

Resist frustration

Contrary to what happens with other profiles, knowmads are not easily frustrated. On the contrary, they consider failures as a common part of their learning and professional improvement process.

All this not only shows his great ability to face any obstacle; but also a strong resilience that allows them to overcome when the results are not what they initially expected.

The digitalization of today’s world means that the labor market is constantly changing.

Many traditional professions reduce their demand in a changing environment. While other more innovative ones are born as a consequence of the digital revolution; the knowmad profile is one of them, so your company needs one in its workforce.

Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Sharma
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