Kashmir Valley (Heaven on Earth)

Kashmir valley could be a terribly lovely valley. As we tend to all apprehend because of the solely paradise existing in this world. Most of the people that had visited Kashmir Compare Kashmir beauty with heaven on earth. Kashmir is thought for its heritage and delightful landscape.

Commercial Enterprise

Kashmir is wide illustrious for its commercial enterprise. Kashmir provides out-of-this-world expertise for tourists. There area unit several things which magnetize the traveler.

Tourists Places

Gulmarg: Gulmarg is documented for its wonderful natural beauty. it’s enclosed by dense forest.
Pahalgam: It could be a start line for Amarnath yatra this place is a terribly lovely place.
Sona Marg: This valley conjointly shows an additional wonderful side of Kashmir.
Nishat Bagh: It is the second largest Mughal garden within the Kashmir valley. which is found within the dekalitre lake.
Shalimar Bagh: Shalimar Bagh could be a Mughal garden in Srinagar. it’s currently a public park. it is conjointly known as crown Srinagar.
Dal Lake: Dal could be a lake in Srinagar. The summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir. it’s a really lovely lake.
Gangabal Lake: Gangabal lake is additionally known as Gangbal. This lake is located in the foothills of mount Haramukh.
Sunset Peak: It is the very best peak of this geological formation. It is situated forty kilometers west of shopian city.
Mahadev Peak: Mahadev peak could be a crown within the Srinagar. District of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir


Kashmir has four distinct seasons; every with its own character charm. These area unit spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Spring: Which extends roughly from March to early could?
Summer: This extends from could till the top of August.
Autumn: Perhaps Kashmir lover’s season, Is towards September.
Winter: Through Gregorian calendar month, to the beginning of March is winter time, which presents Srinagar in yet one more mood.


Kashmir valley is connected to Jammu and Ladakh region by road and air. Srinagar is the main landing field in Kashmir valley and has flights from Jammu, Leh, Mumbai, New Delhi, etc.

Every year thousands of Hindu pilgrims visit the holy shrine of Amarnath. however, this yatra has placed Kashmir on the verge of an ecological disaster, Amarnath yatra is the spot of Hindus.


Many people in the Srinagar area unit speak the Kashmiri language including the Gujjars and bakarwalls. The principle spoken languages within the vale area unit is Kashmiri and Urdu.

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