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Is Minecraft dangerous For my kids

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Excessive gaming is a typical picture of most families. Today, kids are continually gaming on their smartphones in spite of constant scolding by parents. Earlier, gaming was merely an exciting concept, but now parents fear game addiction.

It can get hard to understand what kids are up to nowadays. With the technology picking up speed, it gets harder to track children. Kids refrain from sharing their activities with parents and interfering in their private digital space only leads to trust issues. So, how can you control the gaming habit of your kids? Can you restrict screen time? Yes, you can with Best Parental control apps!

Are you aware of Minecraft? 

Before we plunge into how you can control addiction to games, let us get acquainted with one of the most popular games of the century.

If you are a parent of 7 to 14-year old kid, you may already know Minecraft. For the ones who are still clueless about the addictive properties of Minecraft, let us tell you what Minecraft is?

Minecraft is a Lego-style 3D virtual game building game. Players have the liberty to make any structure of their choice using building blocks and purely their creativity. This game has gained massive popularity as it encourages creative ideas and improves team building skills.

There are three ways to play the game:

  1. Single-player– This option does not allow any player to join nor communicate with any other player in the game.
  2. Multiplayer– Players can join any game, public or private. This option allows players to communicate with each other via a chat room.
  3. LAN– You can play with your group or friend circle in the same location sharing the same Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection.

If Minecraft is famous for its creativity, then why should I protect my kids?

Like many similar games, Minecraft is very addictive for kids. Some parents have observed kids playing this all day long! Can you digest that? But, that is the sad truth. The graphic images of this game are brilliant, often capturing the attention of adults.

However, there are a few other reasons why parents need to be cautious with their gamer kids;

  • This is an accessible platform for strangers to communicate with each other through chat rooms. This exposes kids to unwelcomed bullying.
  • Use of foul language is rampant in the chat rooms. Kids quickly pick up abusive language through these chat rooms.
  • Entry of malware and viruses is another big concern to worry about. Kids are innocent and don’t realize their actions, leading to unwanted trouble.
  • Kids start stealing money from parents to receive special packages of armors, tools, access, etc.

How to protect your kids from the dangers of online gaming with strangers?

As parents, you may not be able to restrict games from your kids’ life completely. Many a time kids fail to understand your parental guidance and continue playing games. Games like Minecraft are interesting and enhance the creativity of the player. Yet, it is imperative to restrict the game for kids at times. Parents can use the following hacks to control the addiction to Minecraft:

  1. Encourage single player mode

Multi-player modes invite bullying and wrong practices. Strangers get violent and start destroying each other’s building out of revenge. It is advisable to restrict the gaming room to single-player mode.

  1. Turn off the chat feature

In the multiplayer mode, there is an option to turn off chat feature, restricting online predators and cyberbullies to connect with your kids.

  1. Beware of malware and viruses

Getting hacked and losing data is very common with popular games like Minecraft. It is strongly advised to download the game from an official and reliable site. Otherwise, there is a chance of falling in the trap of some malicious virus.

  1. Do not share credit card information with kids

Server owners can sell special packages, which lure kids to buy more armor, tools, and weapons. Do not share any credit card details with kids to avoid using in games.

  1. Child-friendly servers

There are many reliable servers which have child-friendly controls to restrict the usage of Minecraft. These servers are whitelisted and have strict rules on usage of foul language and rude behavior.

  1. Parental control app

After all the efforts, you still find your kids glued to the game- download a parental control app. Your problem can be solved in two ways; either block the gaming app entirely or set a game time for your kids. Simple, right?

Parental control app to counter game addiction

You cannot separate kids to mobile games. Nowadays, game on a screen is the best source of entertainment for kids. However, games like Minecraft encourage unnecessary addiction and often lead to uninvited problematic situations for kids.

There have been several cases of cyberbullying and sledging on gaming sites. In the beginning, kids find it very fascinating but after a point, they start getting frustrated and show violent behavior.

Bit Guardians parental control app is designed with the thought process of balancing the digital life of kids.  Check out the app block feature and time schedule for your kids.

Do not let Minecraft control your kids, let bit guardian parental control app do that!

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