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Addressing Pain Points in Indian Education System, Educomp Solutions Enhanced its Efficiency

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We live in an era of technology which is not only testified by smartphones but even by the ‘smart learning’ education system. Digital education firm Educomp Solutions is at the forefront of this technological evolution of India’s education sector in the 21st century. It was among the country’s first ventures in this space.

Trailblazing the concept of smart learning, Educomp Solutions has empowered over 30 million learners across 65,000 schools in two decades. Its approach has proved to be an effective alternative to the conventional system of education.

“Over the years, Educomp has grown at over 100% each year been with increased penetration and faster adoption for our products and services. From a humble start of setting up a learning lab in a school decades back, it has empowered a million learners worldwide. In 2008, Educomp emerged as India’s largest professional development company, having trained a number of teachers. Back then, it was also the largest player in Private-Public Partnership in ICT implementation in government schools under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. Children in both private and government schools in India have benefitted from Educomp developed rich multimedia curriculum content available in over 10 languages.” says Shantanu Prakash, CEO, Educomp Solutions.

With the Smart learning approach propagated by Educomp Solutions in place, the conventional classroom setup has evolved into a self-driven learning process. Students now have easy access to technology-enhanced learning via interactive videos, textbooks, and customized learning modules.

Educomp’s primary focus has always been to address the pain-points in the existing education system. Using this as its focal point, the company has spearheaded the evolution of education through its diverse range of learning solutions. Enumerating the conceptualization of his own venture Educomp at a Leadership Summit in the Middle East, Mr. Prakash, said, “I think the big idea for Educomp was that there is a lot of pain in the existing education system. The students are frustrated because they are not learning well enough in this highly competitive world. Parents are frustrated because they want a return on the investment that they’re making for their children. Teachers are frustrated because classroom sizes are increasing and teachers are not getting well paid.”

“At Educomp, our focus area has been how to make learning easy and interesting for children. Our products are therefore carefully designed to address those pain areas which have made the process of learning dull and difficult. With Smart Class system, rich multimedia content was made available in class which not only made subjects/topics interesting but easily understandable to all students,” he added.

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