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How to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rate

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“Conversion Is the Key”

Yes, this is what every marketer, no matter the experience the person has, knows by heart.

And much of the conversions take place from landing pages.

So, how are your landing pages working for you? I guess you might be receiving a lot of traffic every day, don’t you?

But how many of them end up on the positive side, increasing the conversion rate?

TBH, the occurrence of low landing page conversion rates is one of the most frustrating happenings marketers face.

And this frustration gets even more enhanced when they even fail to figure out the reason for the low landing page conversion rate.

There can be a number of probable reasons. But to you need to follow a few steps. And the most prior one is setting up CRO or you can also call it, Conversion Rate Optimization.

Let’s talk about the other ways in detail.

1. Design Every Page as A Customized One as well as Relevant

Well, this might look irrelevant to the topic but, TBH, this is the most important and the most effective way of boosting up your landing page conversions.

BTW, you’ve heard of Appster, haven’t you?

Yes, the tech giant, referred to as the Apple of Australia, that got liquidated in December, last year.

They had an interesting way of crafting their content. They used to ideate their content according to their users’ requirements. Which means, they were pretty sure about what their customers wanted from them.

This actually helps in grasping the attention of many potential clients.

You might even consider breaking your website in the following sections, such as

  • Brand Introductory Pages
  • Service Pages
  • Product Level Pages
  • Contact Pages
  • Blog
  • Hero Content

2. Provide Your Visitors with Detailed Information to Take Quicker Actions

You must have an “add to basket” CTA, don’t you?

You definitely do.

Now what you can do here is provide your users with some extra information included in the view of this CTA button.

Trust me, this will drastically help in increasing the traffic flow in the product level landing pages. This step will single-handedly increase the traffic of your product pages as well. this will even boost up the sales of the eCommerce sites as well.

Though, if you are running an eCommerce site, there’s a special suggestion for you here. Place the information in such a way so that it doesn’t come in the way of a visitor willing to buy or cause any sorts of distractions.

Well, keep information in there intending to

  • Support the sales
  • Increase order values on an average
  • Help a potential buyer to act quicker

3. Keep Visitors Away from Emotive Promises

The texts that you put on your CTA buttons mean a lot when it is about making a successful purchase.

Wondering, how?

Let me help you here.

First, you need to step in the shoes of your website visitor. Think of the level of commitment they are making while hitting the “Buy” or “Buy Now” button present on the CTA. Think how much deciding it happens to be.

And TBH, the minimum disregard can make a lot of changes and can divert your customer from making a successful deal closure.

So, what you require doing here is, you need to decrease the level of commitment that your CTA button shows.

You can just change the text from “Buy Now” to “Continue” or something similar. This will drastically lessen down the emotional burden that you are putting on the shoulder of your potential buyer.

And, to everyone’s surprise, this will boost up your landing page conversion rate on another level.

4. TEST!

You must keep testing your landing pages.

Yes, this helps a lot in boosting up the conversion rate.

What if your potential customer is ready to get converted and has filled the form, and you are increasing your frustration thinking that there are no conversions?

Yes, this may happen and this happens pretty often.

So, you must always test your website and landing pages to figure out what are the difficulties that your website visitors have been facing while surfing through your website.

Well, this isn’t it. You will also require running off page testing as well.

For instance,

  • Experiment with your advertisements
  • Experiment with the number of CTAs on a page
  • Experiment with the position of the vital most CTA button
  • Experiment with the colors of the CTAs.

5. Invest in Live Chat

There was a time when Live Chat was a big no.

But it isn’t the same today.

Back then, when people used to introduce live chat usually set up robots to get their work done. but the problem happened when their website visitors understood that they were communicating with a robot who doesn’t even speak in their language.

But in today’s date, chatbots have developed big time. And today they are considered as one of the most effective business tools as well.

They work 24*7 helping customers all over the globe and are successful enough in providing them with the right information and helping their way out when the visitors couldn’t figure out anything on the website.

6. If Lead Nurturing Takes More Time, Let It

In today’s date, it is pretty difficult to convince a person to make purchases.

And that’s the point when they turn up in your chats. Yes, I know how much it matters to your business.

But that doesn’t mean, once you get a customer who wishes to buy from you, you’ll just simply ignore the people who were in the queue and are waiting to avail the perfect piece of information and guidance they expect from you.

If you are trying to make a mark dealing people in such a way, then I’m afraid, you’re on the wrong route.

You cannot be impatient dealing with people. And it is a proven fact that if you spend enough time nurturing your leads, you’ll definitely become the darling of your customers and they’ll definitely come back for more. And you never know, they might even turn into your evangelists.

7. Email Workflows Are Helpful

Designing workflows for your email marketing is an effective way of increasing your conversions as well.

Yes, not directly though, but they help you in not messing up the emails and helps them keeping in order to make sure the right piece of information gets delivered to the right person.

These workflows even help in providing users with the most tailored information which makes them feel like they are more pampered. And this drastically helps in boosting up conversions.

But if you are avoiding workflows just because your email marketer is already under much pressure and you can’t put more burden on his shoulders, you might consider it once more.

And the reason is, there are CRM systems that have made the job easy for many businesses by helping them by managing their email workflows automatically.

And, the best part, setting them up is easier than you can even imagine.

Summing It Up!

So, these were some ways by which you can increase your landing page conversion rate pretty easily. But for your ease, I’m summing them up here once more.

  • Ideate your landing pages
  • Help people with more information to help them make their move faster
  • Imply chatbots to keep in touch with your potential buyers 24*7
  • Keep testing both on page and off page
  • You can’t expect people to buy directly just after landing on your website for the very first time

And additionally, try to work on your contact forms and content headings.

Ayushi Choudhary
Ayushi Choudhary is a Jr. Content writer working with Ranking By SEO. In her corporate life she writes many blogs and articles on SEO, Link building, SMO and many more.

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