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Easy Ways to Start Editing and Improving Video Footage

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Do you want to start editing and improving video footage that you’ve recorded, but aren’t really sure what you should do? Although video editors are more user-friendly nowadays, trying to figure out what all of their tools and features do and which ones you should apply can be daunting.

While there are lots of different ways to get started, some tools and features are much easier to use than others – and you should take advantage of them:

Automatically correct the color balance

All video editors nowadays tend to have an automated feature to correct the color balance. It will normally help you to color correct your videos and fix any issues with the white balance and exposure that may be present.

The manual controls may look daunting, but can provide you with more control over the colors in your video. As you experiment with them you could even try to color grade the video.

Stabilize video footage that is shaky

Video footage that is shaky is distracting, and its quality often looks poor. While it is best to record stable footage from the get go, you can correct shaky video footage in an editor with the automated digital stabilization feature.

In most cases the stabilization feature is fully automated, making it easy to apply. Some editors may have a setting that you can adjust depending on how shaky the video is however.

Apply filters to stylize or color grade the video

Filters are an easy-to-use feature in video editors that will let you completely alter the appearance of your video – often with just a click or two. The exact filters that are available will depend on the editor that you’re using, but most modern editors have a fairly decent selection.

Be sure to explore the range of filters available in your editor and experiment with them individually. Some filters may fully stylize the video in a certain look, while others may color grade it in a particular way.

Trim out unwanted parts of the video

Being able to trim a video is the basis of most video editing, and will let you remove any parts that you don’t want to include – for any reason. In most editors it is relatively easy, and you will normally have to split, isolate, and delete the segment that you want to remove.

Some editors may have a slightly different trim feature however, and will require you set the boundaries of the clip that you want to keep – and will subsequently trim everything outside it.

Make no mistake there are lots of other useful ways that videos can be edited using features to crop, level, rotate, or even apply various types of visual effects. The ways listed above are some of the easiest to get started with video editing however, and will make it more or less painless.

Of course if you want to begin you will need a video editor, and you should take your time and find one that you feel is a good fit. Try to focus on the user experience of the editor in particular, and find one that will let you edit MP4 video quickly and easily, such as Movavi Video Editor for example.

Be prepared for the fact that it will take a bit of time for you to become familiar with the tools and features in the editor that you’re using – and a bit longer for you to be confident when using them. That is normal, and if you stick at it and keep experimenting and trying out different tools – you’ll get there soon enough.

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