How to Improve Writing Skills – Ebook Guide

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Do you wish you could write well or write better? Does the thought of writing a report, essay, article or book fill you with discomfort, or worse, horror? Do you end up staring at a blank screen for hours not knowing how to start? Even if you don’t find the prospect of writing painful, would you like to discover simple techniques and tricks that could greatly improve the quality and readability of your writing, and make writing much easier and more pleasurable for you? Would being able to write better and more efficiently help you in your career or studies?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re reading the right book. This ebook will reveal to you simple-to-learn and easy-to-apply techniques that will make it easier than you ever thought possible to learn how to write well.

You’ll discover inside this ebook:

  • How your best friend can help turn you into a great writer!
  • The single most important thing you must do before you sit down to write and how this will transform the readability of your writing.
  • 6 proven structures to ensure your writing flows naturally and is a pleasure to read.
  • 8 proven techniques to create powerful introductions (including a favorite that’s taken straight from the movies) so you can grab editors’ and readers’ attention and make them read your writing.
  • 5 proven techniques to create effective endings so your writing ends with authority and doesn’t just fizzle out.
  • 16 writing pitfalls you must avoid to make your writing the best it can be.
  • A simple, yet very effective, way to check that your writing reads well.
  • Essential guides to punctuation and correct usage (e.g. their or there, affect or effect, etc) so your writing is correct and looks professional every time.
  • …plus a whole lot more.