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How to Write an Article (Step by Step Guide)

Here, we are going to discuss how to write an article that compels the readers to go through them and return our desired call to action.  Good quality articles result from persistent efforts and commitment of the writers. Getting the readers to go through the entire text is not an easy task and the writer needs to keep a lot of points in mind in order to achieve that. Article writing for a magazine or book can be entirely different than SEO Article Writing and various other types of content that you can create. Let’s have a look at the step by step methods of writing an article:

Step 1 – Selection of Topic:

The foremost requirement of writing an article is the availability of a suitable topic. You need to have a solid idea in your mind and a catchy title that explains it all in a line. Then you would be able to write an article that gains the attention of your audience. There is also a need for identifying the target audience in terms of age, gender, location and various other factors. Think of yourself as the person who will read it and derive what you want from the article; understand their requirements by fitting in their shoes. After you have gone on to select the topic and a title for your article, you should identify under which category does your article fit in, for example, will it be a News article, a Press Release, an article for a Magazine or a complete book, a Blog Post, a Feature Article, an Editorial, a How-to list, or the Profile of a person.

Step 2 – Research:

The step that succeeds the selection of topics is the research. This is where you get the main parts of your content from (if you are not the creator, certainly!). You need to accumulate the maximum information regarding a topic you wish to write about. You should look out for supporting images and graphs (if applicable), statistics, quotes, references and anecdotes relevant to your topic. After having a rough idea, narrow down your topic. The scope of the article needs to be outlined clearly. Brainstorm the idea; find out what needs to be included, ask yourself and answer the questions similar to these:

1. What would the readers love to read?
2. Why would they even read it?
3. Have you missed any important point?
4. What’s special in your particular article?

Step 3 – Make a Rough Draft:

A rough draft is a must before you move on to create an amazing and feature-rich article that catches the eyes of the readers. Include as much information you want to add and feel would be necessary for the article. At this stage, don’t worry about a certain point being irrelevant or useless. Note down everything you have at hand regarding your subject matter, present facts and use keywords. And that should make up for a perfect manuscript for your upcoming article.

Step 4 – Article Body and formatting:

Perhaps the most notable part of your article writing journey, the body of the article carries the maximum matter and information you have to offer. Here, your draft goes through many edits, alterations and re-checks to convert into the final article that has to be easy to read and of course, interesting. The introduction, body and conclusion have to be precise and properly formatted. Make sure to follow these article writing tips while writing articles:

1. Use plain language, do not stuff too many indistinct words for the sake of style.
2. Try to implement the main idea in the first sentence.
3. Keep the content as specific as possible, do not stuff worthless matter.
4. Add relevant images and graphs, give credits to the original owners.
5. Include quotes and citations with proper references.
6. Highlight the main keywords, phrases and quotations.
7. Write in a logical order so that every paragraph has a link with the preceding one.
8. Rewrite parts where required, even rephrase.
9. Keep a check on the word count when writing articles; different types of articles require different formats and word counts.
10. Use bulleted points – that makes the text easier to read and understand, thus making it attractive.
11. Use sub-headings if needed.
12. Do not repeat points.
13. Write a conclusive paragraph. It should not be the summary of the entire article, but the main idea and your motive behind writing so as to gain in a manner you want.

Step 5 – Edit and Proofread:

After you are done with your article writing, you need to go through it a number of times in order to find out the errors in it. You should read, edit and proofread it a number of times before even thinking of sending it to a publisher or posting it online. After you are satisfied with your content, send it to a few of your friends or colleagues who would be able to suggest edits in it and ask them to criticize your work honestly. There comes a time when you lose the ability to find errors in your own work; a person proficient in the language and grammar may come in handy and you would be surprised at the silly mistakes and blunders you had managed to overlook while checking yourself.

Writing articles can be fun and easy if you follow these article writing tips, thus making it interesting in such a way that just the title invites the audience to go, read the complete content. The article will be captivating, nonetheless!

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