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How To Win Your Next Trade Show With Social Media Wall

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Social media walls are the large digital screens that display social media content of activities performed during the events or trade show. These walls display fresh content with constantly updated feed along with filtered content to maintain the relevancy.

Social media walls are installed at multiple places at event venues to engage more audience with attractive and vibrant content.

Top Strategies To Boost Your Trade Show Using Social Media Wall

1. Give Your Content A Spark

We are familiar with the fact that “Content is the king”. Brands need to showcase the content that can connect with the emotions of the attendees. 

Brands should display the content in a way that it ignites the feeling of enthusiasm for the event in the heart of attendees.

To display attractive content, brands should first moderate the content using tools that filter out irrelevant and insignificant content. After moderating it, brands can customize the content using different layouts, fonts, display themes, colors, etc.

Let your audience speak for you by displaying user-generated content so that the audience can themselves become the brand ambassadors for the event. UGC is the trusted and reliable content and hence it helps the brands to increase their credibility in all marketing spheres.

2. Display Visual Content

People nowadays are more influenced by visuals rather than text. Visual content penetrates directly into the minds of attendees and bridges the gap between them in a short period.

As compared to textual content, visual content connects with the attendees as the images are the direct path to seek one’s attention. Brands should curate images of people and their interactions with the event from social media to display.

They can even set us photo booths, or click the pictures of attendees trying their products and display it on the screen to enhance engagement with the attendees.

Also, visual content has a long-lasting impact on attendees as they get excited when they see familiar faces on large digital screens at events.

3. Portray Stories Using Social Wall

Brands can display social stories of the attendees by showcasing their videos of engagement and interaction with the event. Such content invites audience participation in the event and generates enthusiasm in them.

By curating videos using hashtags, brands can display the visual content by infusing animations in the videos to make people stop and look at the screens.

Also, displaying the content with different animations such that pictures can float, swipe, scroll, pop-up, etc can create interesting visuals to engage the audience.

4. Display Branded And Sponsored  Content

Brands can schedule to display their products and services on large screens. This helps the brands to emphasize their products and display a detailed description on a large screen so that it can reach a wide range of audiences.

Brands can create slideshows with attractive graphics to display and highlight their own merchandise, offers, and announcements.

Also, brands can display sponsored content i.e. information about the sponsors of the events to have a better relationship with the sponsors and expand sponsorship opportunities for the future.

5. Promote Q&A Presentations

In a trade show, many customers leave with a confused mind with complicated and baffling thoughts. To decrease the percent of such audience brands can promote the concept of answering questions during the events.

Audiences can post their questions on specified platforms with specific hashtags. Many tools can help brands to display these questions on social media walls along with content moderation. Brands can choose the questions that can be displayed on the screen and can answer them during the event.

This type of activity using social walls can help the brands increase customer interaction during the trade show and can boost its market performance.

6. Engage Audience With Giveaways And Offers

Brands can promote audience engagement using social walls by displaying certain offers and giveaways which can bring on board a large scale of audience and boost their interest in the trade show.

They can even create games with social media activities such as the post with maximum likes using the specific hashtag that will get a hamper from the brand.

This leads to a hike in audience participation and makes them feel involved and familiar with the brand.

There are many brands that use these strategies in their trade shows to enhance their performance graph and boost engagement.

Here is a brief description of the benefits that this social media wall has offered to the brands during trade shows

  • It helps the brands to distinguish and recognize its potential customers and influencers.
  • Promotes and expands networking opportunities across the globe with specific hashtags and mentions.
  • Enhances the image of the brand and the exhibitors and introduces them to a large scale of audience.
  • Attract booth visitors by appealing and astonishing visual content and interact with them digitally and personally.
  • Showcase visitor’s ideas and feedback about the show which helps the exhibitors in their future shows and events.


Social media walls are a great tool to boost audience engagement in trade shows. It is the face of the event that displays genuine and interactive content about the brand and its products. Many tools help brands to create social media walls for their events. Brands can leverage this to enhance their performance and improve their graphs in the marketing ecosystem.

Carol Sobers
Carol is an enthusiastic content creator who loves to write anything and everything about social media and digital marketing. Follow her write ups here and do comment what you feel a bout them!

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