How to use WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp Business is a special service in the popular messenger designed for business owners. The newsletter makes it possible to actively interact with customers, attract them with lucrative offers, and increase brand loyalty.

We will tell you what is a business account in WhatsApp, how to set it up and use it for company development.

Features and capabilities of a business account on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Business is a standalone application developed for Android, iOS, and Windows. It is aimed at solving business problems and makes it possible to conduct a dialogue with customers on behalf of the company. It is impossible to create a business profile within the standard version of WhatsApp.

The service is available in two versions: Business App and an extended version of the Business API. It allows you to:

  • enter the address and other contact information of the company into the account;
  • link the profile to the phone number used by the organization;
  • optimize customer interactions and ordering.

A business account allows you to directly communicate with customers, choosing the most effective message format, and use the messenger for brand development and positioning.

What is WhatsApp Business API

Unlike WhatsApp Business, which is aimed at small businesses, this version is designed to promote medium and large companies. Application Programming Interface is a set of additional functions that provide the integration of the messenger with the company website and other marketing tools.

The account provides the account holder with direct access to the WhatsApp servers, so there is no need to install a separate application. The channel works around the clock and does not require a constantly switched on a mobile device with a running program.

The service allows you to:

  • Use an account to communicate with clients on behalf of the company for an unlimited number of employees.
  • Create chat bots for work automation and round-the-clock communication with users. Artificial intelligence will promptly answer most standard questions, redirect a message to a manager, and send template letters.
  • Enjoy bulk notifications.
  • Install buttons in messages to optimize communication with the user.

In order to combat spam, the platform allows the company to be the first to start a dialogue with the client only after receiving consent to receive mailings. In this case, it is allowed to send paid messages composed according to an approved template without promotions and advertising. To initiate a client to write to the chat himself, it is convenient to place a deeplink link on the official website, by which the user goes directly to the messenger.

WA Business API is beneficial for organizations with a large client base in WhatsApp. The service can become an alternative to a call center: using a chat bot will unload operators, automate communication with customers, and receive orders. The product will also allow promptly, without involving managers, to process the “cold” user base.

Benefits of WhatsApp for Business

Newsletter via WhatsApp provides the owner of the company with additional opportunities. The advantages of this format of interaction with clients include:

  • Access to a wide audience. The messenger is used by over 70% of smartphone owners.
  • Increased confidence in an organization that has received a verified or confirmed status. A special icon assigned by the service ensures that messages come from an official company. Therefore, there is no chance that the client will consider the letter spam or fraudulent mailing.
  • Getting feedback quickly and easily. A convenient system for assessing the company does not take a lot of time from the client: for this, he only needs to press one number.
  • Creation of a personalized mailing list. The presence of names in the client base makes messages more personal, addressed to a specific user.
  • Collection of statistical data. Allows you to analyze the effectiveness of the used mailing, if necessary, make adjustments to improve it.

In addition, communication with customers through WhatsApp helps to quickly process incoming messages, provide service support, send receipts, information about an appointment, reservation, or order status.

How much does a business profile cost?

The account itself is provided free of charge. The WhatsApp Business phone app is also available for free download and does not require additional investment.

When using the Business API service, you pay for the tariff plan and connection according to the terms of the provider. There is also a charge for creating HSM templates and sending them out. Incoming messages from users and your replies to them within 24 hours after receiving the letter are free of charge.

How to make a business account in WhatsApp

To get started with the service, download the application to your phone. After authorization and configuration, you can also use the computer version of WhatsApp Web. For registration:

  1. Open the service and enter the phone number to which the profile will be linked. You cannot specify a phone that is already used in another account, including your personal one.
  2. Enter the confirmation code sent by the system.
  3. Fill in your company details. It is not possible to edit them after creating a profile, so it is important to carefully check all the fields before saving them.
  4. Set a photo or picture for your avatar.

Before the service is approved, there is an icon with a question mark next to the created profile, and the client does not see the name of the company, but only the phone number. After verifying the specified number with the official phone number of the organization, the account receives the “Verified” status, indicated by a gray icon with a check mark.

To assign the “Confirmed” status, you need to go through moderation. Mainly well-known large companies with high ratings have the green symbol.

Setting up a business profile

After registration, click on the three dots in the upper corner of the main page, select “Business Tools” and go to the company profile. In it you can:

  1. Enter additional information about the organization (website, opening hours, e-mail).
  2. Customize messages:
  • an answering machine in the absence of a manager in the network;
  • welcome address to clients;
  • Quick Answers: Save your FAQs to optimize your communication.
  1. Use color-coded shortcuts to organize your customer chats and categorize them.
  2. Generate a short link and QR code using the application to facilitate the transfer of contact information.
  3. Fill in the product catalog. It is displayed in the company’s account, mailing to clients with whom a dialogue has already been established, and posting links to it on other sites is also available. The cards contain a photo of the product, the price, and a link to the page of the online store. You can download up to 500 product names.

You can manage your WhatsApp Business account only from one device – a smartphone or a computer. The service is suitable for individual entrepreneurs, small companies, and self-employed.

Connecting WhatsApp Business API

It is convenient to use messenger marketing platforms to connect. After registration, you need to pay for a tariff plan, the price of which includes the use of the WhatsApp business channel. Each provider offers its own terms and prices.

Applying for registration of a number

At the first stage, you enter the following data in a special form:

  • information about the organization (legal entity, email address, representative);
  • connected number (city or standard mobile, which is not tied to an account in WhatsApp), you cannot enter numbers starting with 8-800;
  • Business Manager ID on the social network Facebook.

Once the online application has been submitted for approval, it will be reviewed within 3-6 days.


To pass, you need to submit an application through the provider with which you connected the service. It indicates:

  • brand name;
  • official site;
  • links to pages on Facebook, Wikipedia, as well as to external resources containing information about the company.

Based on this data, a verification decision will be made. The process takes 1-3 weeks.

How to migrate your customer base to the WA Business API

To continue cooperation with regular customers, organize a newsletter. In the message, invite your clients to continue communicating in the messenger on a different number, list the advantages of the new communication channel. It is also important to obtain the consent of all users to send them emails.

Briefly about the main thing

  • A business profile is an effective channel for interacting with customers. The popular WhatsApp messenger in all over the world gives entrepreneurs additional opportunities to promote and develop their business.
  • Depending on the needs of the company, choose a free app or an advanced paid version that can be integrated with other services and marketing tools.
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