How to use Mac Monitoring Software?

Mac OS is a popular operating system. Over 65% of the US citizens use Mac OS devices.

Did you know there are apps that help to monitor everything that is happening on the computer?

Who can be interested in Mac monitoring software

These kinds of apps are very popular. They can be installed on a mobile or a personal computer. Who can use them:

  • Parents for monitoring kids under 18 years old (well known as parental control apps).
  • Companies for monitoring employees.
  • Family partners (by agreement).



In this article, we will talk about monitoring applications for Mac OS.

What do you need before installation

Before you going to install application check the following:

  1. Check the compatibility of the device on which you are going to install. Here is list of available Mac OS versions:
  • Apple macOS Mavericks
  • Apple macOS Yosemite
  • Apple macOS El Capitan
  • Apple macOS Sierra
  • Apple macOS High Sierra
  • Apple macOS Mojave
  • Apple macOS Catalina
  • Apple macOS Big Sur
  1. Get physical access to the mac device, including username & password to enter.
  2. Check internet connection. You will need the internet during the whole installation process.
  3. Get a license for a monitoring app.

How to install Mac tracking app

Using Mac monitoring software is easy, you need just 7-9 minutes of your time and complete next steps:

  1. Buy licence. Best choice of apps you can find here: Use filters to find the best solution for you. For example, number of PC you need to monitor or a price range.
  2. You will get further instructions on email. Follow the steps for the instruction. Different providers have different steps.
  3. After installation process you can open a personal dashboard using login and password from the email you get after purchasing the lisence.
  4. Enjoy monitoring all Mac OS activities.

What can you track with Mac Monitoring App

Here are just a few points that you can get with Mac monitoring software:

  • Get access to Social Media’s profiles (messages, social activity, photos, files, and more)
  • Look to made screenshots on the device
  • Check search engine history
  • See apps activity
  • Get the list of installed applications
  • Monitor printer activity
  • Checking file transfer and USB connections
  • Log on/off activity
  • You could remotely install/uninstall software
  • Run in hidden mode and much moreā€¦

The full list of social media as well as the full list of options you can get directly from the provider.

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Priyanka Sharma
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