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How to Teach Students For the First Time

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Generally, teaching is regarded and accepted as a noble profession because the teaching-learning process helps one to gain knowledge and to attain wisdom. From a different angle of view, life itself is a unique process of learning new things, and the process of teaching-learning is inherent in the same. One can see that the teaching profession is with some basic ethical and moral values, and teachers acquire the same during training and teaching practice. Below are some basic ideas on how to deal with students while teaching them for the first time.

By creating rapport with the learners

Formal teaching includes preparing notes according to the syllabus. If a teacher is going to attend a class for the first time, there are some important things to do. When one is dealing with students for the first time, creating rapport by being cordial with them is utmost important. Rapport means being personal with students by breaking the thin wall of ice between the individual teacher and the students. Here, a teacher can provide the students with self-introduction and ask them to introduce themselves. In this way, an individual teacher can easily understand the pulse of the class and can handle the students with ease.

By giving importance to personal communication

Teachers can motivate students by asking them to introduce themselves, their interests, hobbies, etc. It can help the teacher to know more about the students in an informal way. To be specific, if the teacher asks a student in a formal way to say about himself/herself, he or she might not provide a correct answer. When it is asked as a general question all, students can easily follow the general need of answering the teacher’s question in an informal way. If the class consists of a large number of students, the teacher can divide the whole class into different groups and ask the group members to introduce themselves.

By learning and calling names

When each student did communicate, the teacher is supposed to call some students by denoting their name. This can help students to realize that the teacher is deeply interested in students. For example, individuals like to hear their name uttered by others. As far as students are concerned, they never like nicknames, but their own names, symbolic of their individuality. When the teacher calls a student in his or her name, that student is recognized as an individual, not as a number. So, the best possible way for a teacher who is teaching students for the first time to take control over the situation is to be cordial with them.

By providing interesting intro

Most teachers spend time in their first class by introducing themselves and asking students to introduce themselves. But after the introduction, it is useful to introduce the target subject for the students. To be specific, this sort of gradual change from less seriousness to seriousness allows the students to understand that the teacher is serious about the studies and gives importance to time. Never the teacher should lag or lose energy in the first class because students are like litmus paper, and they will assess the individual teacher’s ability to communicate and teach.

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