How To Sync Data Between Android And Mac

As we all know, Apple provides a great security system, and it ensures the privacy of its users. Which makes syncing apple devices with android devices quite hard. Among the apple devices, Mac has the most excellent security system. Yet all thanks to iCloud, syncing an iPhone with Mac is a lot easier.

But not all people are iPhone users, and as syncing data between devices are quiet inevitable these days, an android user will find that it is quite hard to sync data between android and Mac. But as an old proverb says, “where there is a will, there is a way,” nowadays, It is not difficult as we have Google’s cloud services, Which helps mac users to sync data with android users. 

We must thank all the cloud storage services, which has enabled us to easily sync nonmedia files such as documents and spreadsheets, between your android phone and your Mac. While techieplus guide can help you with your media content, you need to deal with more data. There are quite a several such cloud storage services available these days which include, DropBox, Google Drive, Sky Drive, Sugar Sync, and many more. You can use any of the below services according to your preference to sync data between your android phone and your Mac.


There are many ways to sync data between android and Mac. I want to explain a few simple ways to sync data between android and Mac easily. Well, firstly, I will tell you how to sync data using Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud service operated by an American company named Dropbox Inc. that offers cloud storage, personal cloud, client software, and, most importantly, file synchronization. It is one of the Important cloud services which helps in file synchronization. The steps are:

  1. So to start syncing data between your Mac and Android, you have to first set up the Dropbox in your Mac, which is the essential step in the procedure. 
  2. Then you have to download the Dropbox app in your android phone from the play store. Because to sync data between the devices, both the devices must have the Dropbox. 
  3. From your android device, sign in to Dropbox with your account information. 
  4. After that, all the files or documents you place in your Dropbox folder will be automatically synced between your devices. 
  5. It is as simple as that. As on your iPhone, you can set your Dropbox to automatically save and sync the pictures you take on your android phone. Which will be very useful in case you lose your device. 

So this is how you can easily sync data between your android device and Mac using Dropbox.


Apart from cloud services, there are several apps which help us to sync data between Mac and Android devices quickly and efficiently. Next, we are going to talk about some of those apps. SyncMate is one such app that instantly helps to sync data between android and Mac. SyncMate app comes equipped with numerous features. 

This app helps you to look through your collections quickly and transfer files from one device to another without any problems. All it requires is a simple drag and drop. Apart from file transfer, the SyncMate app also helps to easily sync any data between your android phone and your Mac. 

SyncMate helps to sync content in bulk, including audio files, pictures, documents, videos, contacts, calendars, and many more. The primary specialty of the SyncMate app is that it performs directly between the mac and android devices.So let’s see how SyncMate can be used as a file transfer tool. 

  1. Firstly download the free edition of SyncMate app onto your Mac. 
  2. Upgrading the SyncMate from the free edition to an expert version will enable you to use more advanced features. Upgrading is not necessary; it is entirely optional. Yet the upgraded version will give you a better experience. 
  3. Then select the ‘Mount Disk’ option, where you will find the file transfer feature. 
  4. After opening the app in your Mac you may select the ‘add new’ option seen on the left panel. 
  5. Then select your android device from the list of devices shown and connect your Mac with the android. 
  6. After the machines are successfully connected, you may visit the ‘summary’ tab on your Mac. 
  7. Then click on the “Mount Disk automatically” option. 
  8. Then select the “finder” option and search for your android device in the given list of macOS disks. 
  9. After this, you can choose the files and folders you want to transfer across devices. 

This is how you can sync between your android phone and Mac using SyncMate app. Now you know how simple it is. Macdroid, Airdroid, Handshake are also such apps which help to sync an Android device with Mac.


As well all know, once syncing between an android device with Mac seemed impossible, but now you know that it is not only possible but also very simple. Now we can easily sync data between our android device and our Mac without any hassle.

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