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How to Stop Wasting Time at Home

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Bored at home? Feel useless? Envy the successful? Don’t have a goal? Unable to find the track? No use of degree? Find your world falling apart?

Worry no more; all you need is to master the art of utilizing the skills you have the right in time to get rid of all the anxieties of being free. But that too comes with implications and you need to cater all dimensions.

Assess Yourself:

When you look at successful people, with so much professionalism, the first thought comes to the mind is about the strategies or behaviors they might embody to become what they are.

Are they putting extra hours into work? Do they work on Sundays? Whether they extend those hours by coming in early or staying till late to handle more projects? Are they supernatural?

Well; it’s a NO and is simple!

It’s all about how they spend their free time or extra time and how they manage the working hours. This part has a big impact on their success stories.

It’s not that professional success comes with being a crazy workaholic, neglecting family and activities. Success in the profession is like a passion you work for as something you envy and not the people you see as a challenge to become successful.

Decide Among Leisure And Work:

First, differentiate between leisure and work. If during work, you take time out to surf through the web, looking into current issues, news, and stay updated with the world happenings, you are not wasting time. It’s a pre-requisite to starting the career as a freelancer to utilize the extra time you get in between work days, after work or even for a newbie. If you are flipping through Twitter or LinkedIn; then to it’s not a waste of time, in fact, its work, because that is where career(karriere) begins, where professionals meet as most of the recruitment(rekruttering) now is done through social media platforms, where your profile matters.

Network A Lot:

If you are a newbie, wanting to start as a freelancer to utilize the free time in between the experiencing phase; or if you are just with a good job while thinking of earning extra money in your free time at home or becoming a known professional with varied skills, you need to build your network. Without a network in place, you are nowhere even with a skill at hand.

If your activities help you improve your portfolio, online presence, boost your lead generation or help create you more money than its work; work! And you need to treat them like work, improve their quality.

Have Your Priorities Set:

You need to prioritize all activities; line up what is more important. Get done with work first, get done with all activities that boost your mental and physical strength and then the spare time you have, put in all your energies in that to gain maximum out of that.

Because free-lancing can demand your work anywhere, anytime. It’s you who is supposed to put that boundary line of when to work and when to stop what. You may use some task management system for that.

The techniques mentioned above will help you define what is work and what is not. Once you have all things on track, work-life balance, prioritization, keeping a track of time; you will be able to utilize more free time than you think and that time you can utilize to earn some extra bucks.

Just do not overload yourself, because that only messes the only thing you might be doing. Stress, pressure, anxiety, bad family and work life won’t help you in a successful career, or even making your free time productive in any way.

The tip is to use everything that you have on the plate, while keep looking for ways to do things better and get the maximum out of your time!

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