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How to Score Good Marks in Science Class 10

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Class 10 is a critical year for the students who want to take up a career in engineering or medicine. This is primarily because the students will sit for their first board exams this year. In addition to this many of the chapters present in the higher standards also use the concepts of this class. So studying the chapters properly in Class 10 will help the student when he gets promoted to the higher standards as well. The following are some of the ways in which you can score good marks in the Science subject of Class 10:

Read the chapters carefully

If a student wants to score good marks in the science subject of Class 10 then the first thing that he needs to do is study the subject carefully. If the student studies every detail carefully then the important parts of the chapter will get embedded in his head. Additionally, he will also get an idea of the important formulas of the chapter. Once the important information and formulas are embedded in the head of the student he can easily solve the questions in the exam paper. This, in turn, helps him to score good marks in the exam 

Understand the concepts of the chapter

After reading the chapter the student needs to understand the various concepts of the chapter. This is very important because nowadays students have to study a massive syllabus. Thus they can’t remember every part of the syllabus. If the student can remember the basic concepts of the chapter then he can solve the questions even if he is unable to memorize the complete details of the chapter. Thus if a student wants to score good marks in the exam then it is very important for him or her to understand the concepts of the chapter.

Practice the numerical problems

The subject of Science also has several numerical problems. Thus the students need to prepare for these numerical problems as well. However, it is practically impossible for the students to prepare for numerical problems by memorizing. Thus the only solution that the students have is to practice these problems again and again. Regular practice puts these problems, their formulas and the processes involved in the mind of the students. Thus they can use these even in a high-pressure situation like an exam hall.

Practice the chemical equations:

Another important part of Science subjects is the different types of chemical equations that are a part of the subject. The chemical equations give the student a hard time as they are unable to remember them. One of the ways in which a student can attempt to remember the chemical equations is by practicing them multiple times. If the student has the patience to practice the equations again and again then it will get embedded in the mind of the individual after some time. This will again help him to score good marks in the exam.

Memorize the portions needed

However, there are portions in the Science subject where the students need to memorize. This is primarily because answering such questions with the help of concepts will consume a lot of time for the students. The students must write some answers from their memory as they will not get a lot of time in the exam hall. Thus certain parts of the syllabus will have to be memorized properly. Actually, the students need to strike the right balance between understanding the concepts and memorizing the chapters.

The above description will provide the students with some information about the things that they can do to score good marks in the Science subject of Class 10. In case you have some problems related to the contents of the subject you can certainly go through ncert solutions for class 10 science. It will certainly help the students to clear their problems. Once the problems of the students are cleared they will easily be able to remember the lessons. This, in turn, will help the students to score good marks in the exams that will be held in the future.

The student needs to keep in mind that there is no shortcut to success. He can never make good results by using a shortcut. To score good marks in the exam he has to work hard and has to put all his effort into the preparation. Conversely, if he prepares well for the exam then no force can stop him from making good results.

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