How to Get Rid of Lizards

Are you also one of those people who scream when they see lizards? If you too have been troubled by lizards running around on the walls of the house, then these home remedies can prove to be helpful for you.

Five home remedies to get rid of lizards:

1. Egg peel

Egg peel is the easiest way to get rid of lizards. Whenever you break an egg, instead of throwing its peel in the garbage, keep it in the places where there is the most possibility of lizard. Lizards run away from the smell of eggs.

2. Garlic

Hang some buds of garlic on the windows and doors. Lizards will not be able to enter your home with this remedy.

3. Cold Water

Have you ever noticed that lizards are less visible during winter? In such a situation, when the lizard is seen, sprinkle cold water on it. They will run away from it.

4. Naphthalene Balls

Lizards go away due to the effect of naphthalene balls.

5. Coffee powder

Make a thick solution by mixing coffee powder and catechu. After this, make small bullets and keep them in places where there is a possibility of lizards. The lizard will either die or run away from the smell of coffee and catechu.

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