How to Get Fair Skin

    Fair Skin

    Instead of buying expensive creams to get fair skin, try these miraculous home remedies. By using them, your skin color will soon become fair. The specialty of this home remedy is that they do not have any side effects. Now you also get fair skin sitting at home.

    Here are the top 10 home remedies to get fair skin fast:

    1. Lemon Juice

    Rub lemon juice on the face. This will not only brighten your face, but the lemon bleaching agent will also make your skin fair.

    2. Potato Juice

    By applying potato juice on the face, the skin starts to become fair. You must also try this homely recipe.

    3. Banana

    Mash the banana and apply it on the face. Wash face after 10-15 minutes. By doing this, the complexion of the face improves.

    4. Papaya Pulp

    Apply papaya pulp on the face. Not only does it give blondness, it also repairs skin by getting rid of dead skin.

    5. Lemon & Cucumber Juice

    Mix equal quantities of lemon and cucumber juice. This is the best home recipe for oily skin people. Due to this, the extra oil balance of their face gets made and the face looks blond.

    6. Egg White

    The white color of the egg also enhances the skin color by applying it to the face. You can also try this home remedy.

    7. Orange Peel

    Dry and peel the orange peel. Mix milk and apply it to the face. By using it regularly, the skin becomes fair.

    8. Apply Curd

    By applying curd regularly, your skin also starts coming fair.

    9. Almond & Olive Oil

    Applying almond oil and olive oil also makes the skin fair.

    10. Honey & Lemon Juice

    Apply an equal quantity of honey and lemon juice on the face. Wash face after 10 minutes. By doing this regularly, the skin starts to become fair.

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