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How to Choose a Moving Company in 7 Simple Steps


It comes as no surprise that moving can be the source of a lot of stress. Third on the scale of most stressful situations after the loss of a loved one and being fired, the many components making up a move can often be a lot to wrap your head around.

So you’re getting ready to move?

Don’t panic, as long as you’re move is structured and prepared carefully in advanced, there is nothing to worry about. Moving companies like Boston movers can be of great help when going through such events.

Request several moving quotes from various moving companies within your area, this will allow you to compare the quality to price ratio offered by the moving companies around you. Doing this will also give you an idea of what services may be essential to you and those that you may not need

Be sure to anticipate your moving date. A minimum of two months before your moving date is generally recommended

Getting recommendations from friends and family, so you can be sure that their opinions are reliable is ideal, word of mouth is also an excellent indicator of the quality of a service. However, if neither of these are an option for you, the internet is your best friend. Take a look around online and see what experience past customers have had.

Beware of strangely cheap moving companies. To be able to charge such low rates chances are such companies are cutting corners somewhere. Whether it’s with in the competence of staff hired, or not being properly insured, it’s unwise to put to much faith in such companies.

If you’re looking into reputable moving companies, they should all be licensed and insured. Not only is this usually required by most states but it’s a further badge of insurance on the moving company’s reliability.

All qualified movers should have a reference.

Overall, you want to get a good idea of a moving company’s reputation and way of operating.

Allowing them to come to your home will help them identify any difficulties that need to be taken into account on the day of the move (narrow street, small elevators etc).

Furthermore, at Boston Movers we also like to take this opportunity to get a precise idea of the goods to be moved. We also believe meeting in person will be your best way to form an opinion on the seriousness and professionalism of our company.

Once you receive the final quote, take the time to study it carefully. You will have to sift through it, checking for the following main points: detailed description of the services, date, volume of furniture, value of the furniture, precise addresses of the departure and arrival places, price and payment terms.

  1. Get in Touch with Several Moving Companies
  2. Read Testimonials
  3. Budget
  4. Are they Licensed?
  5. Ask the Right Questions
    • What kind of coverage do they offer?
    • Are there any additional charges that I should be aware of?
    • What is your cancellation policy?
    • How are your moves executed and how long do they take?
  6. Get to Know the Movers
  7. Carefully Look Over Your Quote
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