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Everyone knows about SEO and many of us talk about it. Knowingly or unknowingly people browse many keywords and search amazing products based on their brand names. What matters here is which results they want to see? Isn’t it!

Here comes the pain

Many of the digital marketing and preferred search marketing companies struggle lots to gain rankings and they really twist and tweak their strategies. They hit it hard to get rankings. However, they get some visibilities across the search engine and it’s done. When we talk about ranking position it’s not done for business owners and startups who have undertaken your digital and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Round One Let’s Fight

To complete the unfinished business for the startups and business owner they want their website to rank on the first page of the Google and even on 1st ranking position. So now it’s about the reputation and brand of the business. It is very obvious that is some XYZ company is doing SEO for 2 different companies having similar sort of services and products they are having the same set of keywords now how will you give justice to them. Would it be on a monthly basis or bi-monthly basis or maybe 6 months or a year? Yes? No, you won’t.

Matching Apples with Apples

As we say Google is smart with its Algorithm Updates SEO companies are getting smarter too and they follow great Google guidelines when they talk about SEO. They build backlinks, do some sort of content changes which are on the website. And they end with the results of rankings and website traffic. People are thirstier about gaining backlinks and for that, they check the “do-follow” & “no-follow” factors.

Coming to the Point

How SEO is EASY?

When we talk about Local strategies yes I can say that SEO is easy for the website. You need to check various checkpoints and fix all the technical issues fits. As far as ranking is a concern there are almost more than 200 ranking factors to get dominating results in Search. All we need to take care is match this all factors and fix them up.

Especially when local results come into the picture we need to take care that we at least gain rankings on the Local area with the help of GoogleMyBusiness. The next action step is to figure out where you stand on the SERPs. (Search Engine Rank Positions) and to whom we want to beat.

Defining Strategies: Keeping an Eye on your competitor’s backlinks:

You can use different sort of tools to keep an eye on your competitor’s backlink and once you measure the Domain Authority and Page Authority you won’t waste a second to acquire that backlink. Majestic & Moz – Open Site Explorer will help you to find those backlinks.

Get habituate to use Google Search Console: As and when you SEO strategies is going on you need to analyze various search queries from Google Search Console this will help you to identify the top most keywords which are getting a good number of clicks and impressions. The main reason behind using these search queries are:

  • They have been index by Google multiple times.
  • You can see what landing pages are getting maximum visits with regards to its impressions.
  • Just grab those landing pages and do some good on page work so that it can help you to analyze the actual as well as expected results what you are up to.

Content Outreach: trust me people don’t love huge content neither they are interested to read all the post from bottom to top. Trust me if you have a good content resource and you want to share it across the search engine try to convert it into the pictorial presentation in the better sense you can definitely use the info graphics. This helps you to gain some eye-catchy experience.

Using dead content creation from the dead domain: Another save method with great benefit is to find the dead content. It is really tough to find this type of content but in return, you are saving a lot of time instead of writing the content from the scratch. How will you find it? All you need to do is search any expired domain which is relevant to your industries you can use Moonsy to find the list if expired domains once you select any domain all you need to do is navigate to the Web Archive Machine enter the expired domain name and seek the content by doing to the past date records. The below is the example for you.way backStep 1: Enter the URL in the Way Back Machine.way back machine

Step 2: Once you enter the URL you will see an interface a sort of Calendar where you see different dates marked with colors once you click on those dates all you need to seek the articles or the content from the blog section (if available). This article is dead and can be reused.

Step 3: Before you publish it please check the content quality and make sure you do Plagiarism check if its show you good unique content it’s all good for you to re-write and share it to different domains and acquire backlink from them.

Everything is given in Google: Yes, to optimize your website there are many strategies given in search engines you don’t need to jot down those but you will go with the one which is deemed fit with relevance to your industries. Just like Rand Fishkin doing a wonderful job by sharing his tips on MOZ.

Building Brand rich keywords: Make sure you follow Google guidelines and build backlinks on your Brand name, building backlinks with how to or on long phrases will help your content to get optimize on symmetric search results.

Try all techniques to build backlinks: To take a shitty backlink from shitty domain what I mean here is you don’t have to miss any opportunity to acquire backlinks. All you need to do proper citations and share your content will good authority blogs and website.

Monitor your site performance with the help of Google Search Console: All you need to make quick actions on fixing 404 along with that you also need to fix HTML improvement section make sure you have proper redirects on your URLs.

Choosing a right set of keywords: Use those keywords which are trending in marketing, however, these keywords are having a great number of searches. Make sure you select those keywords with huge search volumes and less competition. Go with the strategy of long tail keywords first, if you GoogleMyBusiness is optimized than there won’t be any issue to rank on long tail keywords in the local search. However, you should always aim to target exact phrase or 2 phrase keywords once you get ranking on the long tail.


Misbehavior of Google Keyword Planner Tool: Many of the SEO professionals have seen some sort of misbehavior in search volumes, while you do keyword research you see there are tremendous changes in search volumes. There are many changes Google have done in keyword planner tool and hence, it shows only the exact match searches. It is very difficult for you sometime to judge and identify or prioritize the keywords that which keyword you should go for optimization.

The threat of Algorithm change: You will never know when the new panda or penguin update will roll out and there might be a risk of penalty to your website if your SEO techniques are not ethical or again the guidelines of Google.

Keyword Cannibalization: As I have mentioned earlier any damn SEO company or a digital marketing agency have many clients have same industries and sometimes they have a same targeted location now what you will do to optimize both. Guys! This is very difficult when it comes to competing for our own selves with us or challenging ourselves.

Choosing the wrong set of keywords: This is all about seeing your search result. It is very important for us while we do SEO or keyword research we need to keep practice to see search results of different keywords if we don’t do this then it would be a blunder from us. I better give you an example of this. Example: fruit supplier Take an examfruit supplier company who is selling dry fruits online. Now what happens here suppose that company is selling “date palm” and you have chosen the keyword like “best dates” What you think the results come us with. This is my guarantee that you will never rank for this keyword. However, when you enter “best dates” in Google the result will end up with Relationship & Dating websites – L0L.


Well, I think these are all my experience which I have shared in my article I would be more than happy if you could share your thoughts too.

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