How Long Does it Take to Design a Logo

Logo design is the first step in creating the image of your company. The logo design sets the tone for the entire corporate identity. It is not enough to be beautiful and memorable, the logo must correspond to the objectives of the developed business. A competent combination of fonts, color palette, logo sign, size of elements is a professional task for a designer.

Creation of a logo

Logo design as a process can be divided into several stages. Compliance with them will allow you to get a quality trademark, saving time and money. The more the client knows about his future logo, the faster he gets the desired result.

How to get a dream logo?

  • Study the logos of companies working with you in the same market. Your logo should stand out and should not copy one of the leaders.
  • Rate which logo design and style you like the most. At the same time, look not only at the logos of competitors but also at other niches and business areas.
  • Fill in the brief for the development of the logo. A well-written brief will allow you to structure ideas and not let you forget about important points.
  • Determine how many logo options you want to get in order to choose the final one. Our experience suggests that, on average, 10 successful logo design options are enough to make a choice.
  • Having received the first sketches of the logo, do not rush to dismiss all options. As a rule, the next day you will find a couple of interesting ideas and you will return to them.
  • Show the logos you know, colleagues, and friends whose taste you trust. The collective choice is often more in line with the opinion of the end-user.
  • See how the logo looks in monochrome (single color) and black and white. Your letters and proposals can later be printed on black and white printers. It is important that the trademark does not lose its recognizability and clarity of individual elements.
  • Strictly observe the rules for using the logo: logo borders, corporate colors, logo proportions. Any distortion is negative to the perception of the company. The rules for using the logo can be written in a logo book specially created for the company or in a corporate style, often referred to as a brand book.

Price for creating a logo

The price for creating a logo clearly depends on the number of options provided. The more logo options you want from designers, the higher the cost. For your convenience, Fiverr offer several service packages, Starting from $5 to $500 or more.

How long does it take to create a logo?

On average, it takes from 1 to 15 business days to develop a logo, depending on the chosen package. The time to create a logo depends largely on the speed of decision-making by the customer.

Benefits of logo design at Fiverr ?

  • There are thousands of Logo Design Services Offered on Fiverr.
  • Even Top Rated and Pro sellers offer Logo Design services.
  • Any budget work, services start from $5.
  • And Last it’s a very safe marketplace.
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