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How Do you Define Success (Interview Question)

The answer to this question should be directly related to your work. There is no need to philosophize about what success really means to you, or that a successful life is more than just a job. This answer will not increase your chances of getting a job. After all, the employer does not care that you consider yourself a great family man or can afford to retire to settle in the tropics.

You should always remember your main job in an interview, and that is to sell yourself as a professional. The interviewer is your customer and you are the product. You have to show that your skills will meet the needs of the buyer and that’s why you need to prepare for an interview in advance and do it carefully.

In an interview, the meaning of the word “success” should be based on your goals, progress towards them, and how those goals will benefit the company and make the employer happy with your job.

What sets you apart from other candidates and makes you unique? What can you do for the company that others can’t?

So, the answer to such a question can be this: ” I measure success based on the achievement of the goals set by my management, on how quickly I achieve them, and on what results I get.”

Or: ” Success is to finish the project on time, spending less than planned and so that the customer is satisfied.”

If you’re applying for a leadership position, the answer might be: ” I define success by achieving my professional goals while my team is doing great both individually and together.”

You can talk about keeping customers happy, increasing revenue, increasing customer numbers, and anything else that could mean success for a company.

Talk about what success means to you, and then ask the employer how they define success and how they evaluate employee performance. This will help you answer the following questions.

Don’t make mistakes – don’t talk about your success outside of work. Here are three main mistakes in the interview that can be avoided.

1. Promoting yourself instead of answering questions

Of course, it is very important to be able to properly present yourself. The employer is always pleased when the applicant behaves confidently. But sometimes, a candidate can cross the line and talk about his achievements completely ignoring the question posed.

Employers appreciate your experience and your achievements. And, most likely, you would not even have been invited for an interview if they did not consider you a good candidate. But, nevertheless, try to refrain from talking about all your awards.

Here’s a hint for you: if the interviewer wants to know more about some of your achievements or about anything in general, he will definitely ask you.

2. Not knowing what position you are interviewing for

When you are open to any suggestions, that’s good. But, nevertheless, no matter how many positions you apply for, you need to know exactly what interview you came to.

It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how often job seekers start interviews by asking what position they’re being interviewed for. If you have a lot of interviews planned and you risk getting confused – try to keep notes and check them before each interview.

At the interview, every employer wants candidates to shine. And each interviewer carefully prepares for each interview. Therefore, do not be surprised if you ask what position you are applying for, and thereby upset the employer very much. In this case, you risk not getting a job at all.

3. Arriving for an interview too early

Yes, showing up too early for an interview is also a mistake. An interview is always stressful, and not only for the applicant, but also for the interviewer. Therefore, by arriving too early, you may find the person unprepared or in the middle of another meeting. This can pretty spoil your mood and, as a result, your chances of getting the desired position will decrease dramatically.

Any employer will appreciate it if you arrive 10-15 minutes early, but if you have an hour or two to spare, try to pass the time in the nearest park or coffee shop.

If you realize that you made these mistakes in your previous interviews, don’t be discouraged. After all, you are not the only one and almost everyone makes such mistakes. Now you know exactly what mistakes it is better not to make, which means that you will shine in the next interview.

Team ONH
Team ONH
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