How Do You Deal with Difficult Clients (Interview Question)

Working with difficult clients is present wherever you interact with people in any way: sales managers, service personnel, call center operators, secretaries, and many others. People in these positions are the face of the company. That is why your answer should show that you are clearly aware of your role and take it seriously.

You don’t have to be afraid to tell a story about how you handled a very difficult client. Tell us what the problem was, what you did to solve it, and what were the results. And if you also have evidence, for example, a written praise from the boss or the same client, this will once again prove that you are telling the truth and will play into your hands.

But in any case, your answer should reflect your philosophy of behavior with clients. The answer should sound something like this“I work with difficult clients in the same way as with simple ones. I do everything so that the client is satisfied with the services of the company. Of course, I do everything so that the person has a good impression, but if this is not so, I will take responsibility and do my best to remedy the situation. If it is impossible to rectify the situation, then I will do everything in my power to make amends. Maybe I will refund the money for the purchase or provide some kind of bonus in the form of free shipping or additional discount.”

See how this answer works? It makes it clear to the employer that you are ready to take responsibility for your customers and their impression of the company. They will understand that you will not spoil the reputation of the company with your work and that they can rely on you. This answer will give you another point in your favor and is definitely better than: “I send such clients to the manager.”

The willingness to take responsibility is a rare quality these days and will definitely set you apart from other candidates.

Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Sharma
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