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3 Types of Hosting Modes for QuickBooks that You Need to Know

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QuickBooks Desktop is one of the top-notch accounting software that simplifies accounting and bookkeeping tasks for small and medium-sized businesses and CPAs. QuickBooks Desktop is used in several ways. You have an option to install QuickBooks on your workstation and directly access and manage company files and perform different activities as well.

One of the other most preferred ways to use QuickBooks Desktop is to host QuickBooks on the cloud server and, access and manage it in the way you want. This method, termed as QuickBooks hosting makes your QuickBooks mobile, secure, flexible and robust. QuickBooks hosting also ensures optimal security of QuickBooks data.

QuickBooks Desktop is also used in a multi-user mode. Setting-up QuickBooks Desktop in a multi-user mode means that one or more QuickBooks users can access, manage and share QuickBooks company file. To set-up QuickBooks for multi-user, you need to go for QuickBooks hosting mode. It is, however, important to note that QuickBooks hosting on the cloud server, shouldn’t be confused with QuickBooks hosting mode.

What Does QuickBooks Hosting Mode Mean?

QuickBooks hosting mode permits a local computer to control the access of QuickBooks company files in other computers. If you want to allow other computers to access QuickBooks company file located on your computer then, you have to turn on “QuickBooks hosting mode” on your host machine. Other computers that want to access the QuickBooks company file, however, doesn’t need to turn on the host mode.

3 Different QuickBooks Hosting Modes

1. Dedicated Hosting

The dedicated server is the server where QuickBooks company file is installed. This server is connected to different workstations that need access to QuickBooks. To allow other workstations access QuickBooks company file, you need to turn on the hosting mode on the dedicated server. QuickBooks hosting mode will, however, remain off for other workstations on which you don’t want to allow access.


2. Peer-to-peer Hosting

Peer-to-peer hosting mode means that the workstation where QuickBooks company file is installed will act as a host. Host workstation and other workstations will need to have QuickBooks installed. However, hosting mode needs to be turned on only on the host computer.

peer to peer hosting.jpg

3. Alternate Hosting

In the alternate hosting mode, the primary workstation where QuickBooks company file is installed acts as a host, and this host controls and allows access to other workstations.

alternate hosting

Key Points to Know while Transferring/Sharing QuickBooks Files

While setting up QuickBooks in a multi-user mode for sharing and transferring QuickBooks files, you need to follow these three critical points:

  • To enable file sharing, sharing permission needs to be set to Full Control
  • Database server should be set to open QuickBooks company file
  • Different and precise hosting modes should set for hosts and workstations

Different Database Manager for Different QuickBooks Version

Different versions of QuickBooks relies on different database manager. To configure QuickBooks with database manager, go to Windows Control Panel and select User Accounts, and then click on Users for this Computer


Database Manager

QuickBooks 2012

QuickBooks 2013


QuickBooks 2014

QuickBooks 2015


QuickBooks 2016

QuickBooks 2017


QuickBooks 2018



QuickBooks Desktop set up in a multi-user mode allow seamless and simultaneous access to QuickBooks company file to different users. However, the final success of QuickBooks in a multi-user mode depends on the QuickBooks hosting mode that you opt. In case of any doubt or query, it is, therefore, advisable to consult an experienced and professional QuickBooks hosting provider.

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