Top 10 Most Profitable Home Based Business Ideas

Are you looking for home based business ideas? Then you are in the right place. Here is the list of top 10 most profitable home based business ideas.

Amazon Affiliate Program:

Amazon has one of the most profitable affiliate programs on the internet today because they have the biggest share of online shoppers, being the largest online store in the world. It combines online marketing and blogging in an online business that earns through commission with percentage depending on product class and category. This is a perfect way to upgrade your earnings if you are into blogging and reviewing. Amazon claims that one of their members earns $15,000 a week just by writing reviews of high-end sewing machines.

SEO Services:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the foundation of online marketing, and as you know, virtually all businesses nowadays have their marketing efforts concentrated on the internet. Most small to medium businesses opt to hire SEO specialists for their official websites and online marketing campaigns because the overhead cost is cheaper yet the level of quality is much higher. You must be adept in the creative and technical aspect of web development and online marketing to succeed in this business. You can also hire other SEO specialists that are all home-based.

Web Content Creation:

Many business websites and bloggers need new contents every day to keep their ranks in the search engine results page (SERP) high. Many of them have in-house web administrator but lack web content writers because of high expense. This is where your business comes in. You can offer your own services or pool other home-based writers. An average web content writer earns $35,000-$50,000 a year while more established ones charge more. That is higher than what an average cop earns in the US.

E-learning Development:

With this business, you create online learning modules and tools that include podcasts, lesson plans and modules, video blogs, webinars (online seminar) and online tutorial services. This niche industry is predicted to worth $13 billion in a matter of 10 years. Online corporate training is a trend now among small and large corporations. Tap that and you might see up to 800% increase in revenue in a matter of 12 months.


E-lancing is a popular term now for online freelancing services. As a specialized outsourcing business, you close contracts with other companies that need some services done and distribute them to your pool of freelancers. You can get clients from Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, Flexing It and other Public Exchange venues. All you have to do is negotiate, impress and close the deal to earn. The client will pay you in bulk while you save them the trouble of hiring, screening, managing, distributing and quality checking.

Graphic/Web Designing:

Many traditional small to medium businesses do not have time for the technical aspects of marketing. They want a website that is ready for content uploading. As a web designer, you create attractive and navigable websites optimized for online marketing where clients only have to produce their own contents and upload without any hassle.

Social Media Administration/Management:

In 2012, this niche business soared to a million-dollar industry because social media now plays a lead role in internet marketing. As a marketing arm of businesses, the unbelievable extension that is social media sometimes requires separate management and execution. Other social media administrators handle dozens of accounts solely for content and design updating, monitoring and moderation.

App Development/Designing:

PC and mobile app development/designing are a billion-dollar industry. Many freelancers earn five figures on a weekly basis just by selling usable and entertaining apps on Appstore and Google Play. Businesses also hire app developers to create customized mobile applications that can be integrated for trading and customer monitoring. If you are a software engineer, IT specialist or web developer, start concentrating on one or two industries to grab a bigger slice of the market.

Virtual Assistance:

Many small business entrepreneurs and freelancers like consultants and professionals work in a virtual office without actual staffs to support them. That is the point of this article to provide home business ideas that do not require actual offices. A lot of businessmen are looking for virtual assistants to take care of customer relations management, customer response, clerical work, filing and other regular office tasks without having to spend for an actual desk, additional office supplies, regular employee benefits, etc. The income opportunity for this home business is big because you can charge on a per-hour basis or per task.

Software Training:

Corporations would buy various advanced software and technical manuals, then, hire someone who can do the training and certification for their staff. However, these are very expensive for small and start-up businesses. As a software trainer, you will provide the workshops, tutorials, and one-on-one sessions to business staffs and private individuals who want to learn more about certain software, usually online. To sell yourself more successfully, you should also be a certified trainer by large developers, such as Microsoft and Oracle.

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