How to Get High Quality Backlinks for Free

November 8, 2016 by OurNetHelps

What are backlinks? Backlinks are considered as links that can point back to your website. The more you have these backlinks, the more authority you have on Google. However, not all these back links are similar because some back links are offered at their different prices. These may only leave your website hurt or dull.

For the best backlinks that you need, these are the free backlinks.  These free backlinks are important for the success of your website. This is especially if you will have those backlinks that relate well to your website. If you will purchase backlinks, it might be possible that these are not related to your website. This is the reason why you need to get free backlinks as early as possible.

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Here are some of the best ways on how to get high quality backlinks for free and these are as follows:

1. Article Directories

2. Social Networks

3. Blogs

4. Web 2.0 sites


6. Internet Directories

7. Web Sites or Businesses

8. Wikis or User Content Sites

9. Organizational Sites

10. Press Releases

11. Forums

12. Article Databases

13. Youtube and Video Sharing Sites

14. Ping Sites

15. Document Sharing Sites

What Google wants to see the links to your site is a natural growth and progression. It wants to see that you have links from diversified sources and that the anchor text of those links is diverse as well.

Quick List of Potential Places to Getting Links From

Article Directories:



Social Network:



Stumble Upon




Blogs: Every online business has its own blogs. Just type your keyword on google to find the top ones in your niche. Leave useful comments on the blog, then over time ask to guest post, leaving a link in the about the author section of the post to your content.

Web 2.0 Sites:




Internet Directories:

Best of the Web

Directory Journal

Aviva Directory

Web Sites or Businesses: Ever seen banners or links on the front page of a website you frequent. Many businesses and site sell advertising and will happily put your link on their site, for a price. These can be very valuable, and only one can raise your site’s page rank significantly.

Wikis or Other User Content Sites: Wikipedia links to many sites, as do wikis that have been created for specific niches. Search on Google with your keyword and wiki to see if there are any in your niche. The information you provide to one of these wikis needs to be non-commercial, and informational in nature. They can be very valuable links if you can get one.

Organizational Sites: Try google to find lot of organization sites. You can join the organization and get your business and web page listed as a member privilege.

Press Releases:

PR Web

24-7 Press Release

1888 press Release


At the very least get some links from social networks to let Google know that your content is out there. More links will help your content be easier to find in the search engines, and provide some social proof that these pages are important.

Forums. Forums are an excellent way on how to get high quality yet free backlinks. Most of the time, forums will allow you to obtain a signature line from where you can input the link of your website. You don’t have the chance to spam links in forums since this will leave your website banned. All you need to do is to set up signature and comment on some posts and topics for your website to get known.

Article Databases. If you want to get free backlinks, then article databases would best help you. When you write a specific blog post, you could just go to article databases. You can then post it to obtain maximum exposure. At article databases, you don’t have the ability to spam all throughout the article. You will just have to place the link to your article on the author section.

Websites for Video Sharing. One of the top and well-known video sharing websites today is none other than YouTube.  If you want to create free backlinks, then this site is best for you. All you need to do is to create a blog post or video presentation and then have it posted on the site. People would really love to watch your videos if you only apply your creativity.

Video Sharing Sites: Youtube, Vimeo, Vevo, Dailymotion.

Ping Sites. Every time you write a specific article on your website, you need to immediately ping it! Let people or even the whole world know about your article. Then, have it sent to other websites all over the internet.

Doc Sharing Websites. When you have written an article or blog to your website, you can immediately re-purpose it. After that, you can create your own PDF and have it uploaded to the document sharing websites. This can help you generate high quality yet free backlinks.

Document Sharing Sites: SlideShare, Scribd, Issuu.

These are just some of the few but essential ways on how to get high quality backlinks for free. But then, always be very careful in getting free backlinks. There are times that bad back links will be sent to you. If you will follow the above-mentioned ways, then you’re assured of getting high-quality backlinks for free with no worries at all.

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