Healthy Vegetarian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Imagine a world where no amount of junk food would cause muffin-tops. You could eat your heart’s content without worrying about piling on a few pounds. Amazing, isn’t it? Now let’s drag you back to reality. The truth is, in your quest to attain that perfectly chiselled body, you may have dabbled into a weird concoction of a keto diet, Mediterranean diet, low-fat diet and what not. However, the result still remains zip, zilch, and nada.

Even countless new year resolutions haven’t been able to motivate you enough to shed those extra pounds. Now, here’s an interesting trivia about new year resolutions which states that nearly 71% of people resolve to eat healthy and 54% of people resolve to lose weight. But we all know resolutions are broken quicker than they are made.

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So, whether you are a student stressing over your exams or a working professional going through the daily grind, we’ve got the fix for your weight loss woes. Here’s a healthy vegetarian diet plan for you to consider.

Day 1 (Monday – 1800 calories)

Day 2 (Tuesday – 1500 Calories)

day 2 diet plan


Day 3 (Wednesday – 1200 Calories)

day three diet plan


Day 4 (Thursday – 1200 Calories) 

day four diet plan


Day 5 (Friday – 1500 Calories)

day five diet plan


Day 6 (Saturday – 2000 Calories)

After five days of following a strict diet, allow yourself to let loose. However, you still need to practice moderation, because if you lose control, then all your efforts to lose weight will go down the drain.

day six diet plan


Day 7 (Sunday – 1500 Calories)

day seven diet plan

You can continue with the plan until you reach your weight loss goal or as directed by your dietitian.

In conclusion,

Continue this healthy vegetarian diet plan along with regular exercise, and voila you’ll be blessed with a well-toned body.

Happy dieting!

Gracie Anderson
Gracie Anderson
Gracie Anderson is a nutritionist with close to a decade-long experience in the field. She has worked with many celebrities and developed diet plans for them. She has acquired her degree from the Australian National University. She is also a distinguished member of a reputed college and provides CPM Homework  help to students.

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