Guest Blogging: A Best Way to Build (Backlinks and Traffic)

June 29, 2016 by OurNetHelps

Guest Blogging is simply an art of creating content and publishing it with online readers, but in this case, the content is actually published on another person’s website. That’s where the phrase “Guest Blogging” comes from. By posting your website content on another blog, you are basically increasing awareness about what you do, because not only the followers of your company will see the content, but those people, who follow the host blogger, would be able to see the content as well. In this way, you reach the audience that might not be aware of your company, brand, and work.

Why is Guest Blogging Important?

There are numerous advantages of guest blogging, some of the most important ones are pointed out below:

  1. Your business can reach new audiences through this type of advertisement.
  2. The accumulating guest posts can help your brand to build an online authority by publishing your content on other platforms; the more sites permit your company to guest blog, the higher authority your business can achieve.
  3. Browsers and search engines will recognize the sites while considering the guest posting company and this will adjust the search result rankings of the company accordingly.
  4. Another important plus point is that the guest posting companies have contact with influential people, so by creating a fine content to feature on another host’s site on the blog, your company is establishing a pleasant relation with other companies, which may be important in the industry.
  5. A company having influential personalities to advocate for it is definitely much more efficient with marketing and advertising.
  6. As authors, you will be allowed to place a backlink to your site at the end of your guest post, so in this way, you can build your backlinks. This, in turn, will increase your rankings with search engines especially if you get a backlink from relevant, quality websites.

We are a very authentic platform that offers you the opportunity to guest blog on our website to increase your company’s awareness and website traffic. On our site, you just have to submit your blog or post and we will publish it on your behalf. With this guest blogging service, you can expect our subscribers to learn about your firm so that you get the target audience to be interested in you, which is the stepping stone to the success of any business.

So if you want us to publish your blog, we want to give you some tips about the way your write your blog, because we only accept quality content and not the one that lies off topic. Here are some of the things you may consider:

Do the writing yourself.

It is very absolutely crucial for you to write your own content because there is nobody else that understands your services or products better than you.

Write publicly accessible content.

The niche content you are writing for your company should be available to the world at large so that everyone can find the published content.

Link to popular sites or writers.

When you are writing the content, you want to be interacting with the top layers, so when you provide links to the site of those people in your content, these linkbacks actually appear on their radars. If they are concerned about their content marketing, they would definitely take notice of the linkbacks. It is a way of telling them that you are in the niche too, so you’ve linked them.

Eliminate the irrelevant sites.

You have to visit each site on your list and then check to see if any of the sites are outside of your niche. Delete it if it is, but there are some sites that have a broad variety, so that’s fine if you categorize them.

Eliminate the spammy sites.

There are some websites that seem spammy if you develop a sense that they aren’t suitable just get rid of them. Also if the site has loads of banner ads or ads above the fold, you have to fix it.

Respect the rules of the site.

Adhere the regulations of the site and take note of requirements and comply.

Write an inspiring title.

As you may already know, the title is the most important component of the material you are creating, so you need to spend time on it and make sure it catches the attention of the reader.

Make it interesting.

Add images, charts, videos, statistics, and graphs etc to make it fun to read.

Get it copy edited.

You should ensure that your article has a great polish, so you need to send it for final spiffing. Proofread it yourself or send it to the copy editor.

Do not make linkbacks your goal.

Linkbacks are a good way to boost up your SEO, but you can fall into spam risk. Only use linkbacks to your main site, when they are appropriate.

Follow these tips and the content you’ll create for your website will be an amazing piece. After completing it, you can submit your guest post to us, so that it can be published on time.